8 comments on “Re-Post: A Primer on General Purpose SHTF Rifles

  1. For accuracy I would pick the Swiss K-31 anytime. It just did not see any action during WW11 because the Swiss never went to war. There are guys that shoot 1,000 yard targets all the time and they say of all the vintage rifles the Swiss K-31 is the best. I own three K-31’s (1931) and one K-11 (1911). They are both straight pull bolt action in 7.5×55 Cal.

  2. The Swiss K’s are very nice rifles; the only problem we see is the lack of available ammunition in great quantity. The most we could find on a cursory search was 100 rounds for $135, not including shipping. If one had several thousand rounds on hand, it might be a great rifle.

  3. I found this article while looking for info on AR builds for when SHTF, but my current general purpose rifle is a tricked out K31. If you’re only finding 100 rounds of GP11 at a time, you’re looking in the wrong places. I’m buying 300 round ammo cans at the moment for $170 including shipping.

  4. Sportsman’s guide has tons of options for the K31. Surplus GP11 runs $0.53-$0.60 per round depending on the quantity you buy. New manufacture is quite a bit higher, but worth it if you reload. (I don’t.) GP11 is berdan primed but most new manufacture 7.5×55 is boxer primed.

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  6. SGAmmo claims they have 480 round case for $240 plus shipping, but that may no longer exist. Dan’s Ammo asks $260 plus shipping. Pity about the ammuntion cost – those K31s are wonderful rifles.

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