6 comments on “Re-Post: Essential Skills: Getting Home – Pt 3

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  2. Eye protection definitely, especially for night time hiking. Getting a branch in the eye would be a disaster so at the very least some type of safety goggles would be a very good idea. Someone had mentioned using swim googles for a compact solution – I’ve never tried that, but worth mentioning and trying.

  3. The problem with swimming goggles is that if a branch glances off the bridge of the nose it could shift the googles away and then strike the eye. A full face shield would not only protect the eyes well, but also the mouth. A sharp stick in the teeth must hurt like Hell. That pain could also lead to screams of pain, which could alert human or animal enemies.

  4. For a SHTF knife may I recommend the Glock – it’s light. easy to sharpen, takes a good edge, and available with a double milled saw on the back.

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