21 comments on “Re-Post: Essential Skills: Getting Home – Pt 2

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  2. Your use of the picture “DON’T BE THIS GUY,” to
    explain your point makes no sense.
    As it is a soldier of the militia in eastern Ukraine
    on guard duty.
    His appearance makes perfect sense.

  3. “Depending on what you carry, 5 to 9 is more than enough, especially if..”
    5 to 9 loaded magazines, right? 9 x 17 = 153. Prob’ly enough to do some effective retreating with fire.
    9 loaded Glock magazines is some pounds in a bag, or on hips. Nice to have, if needed.

    Clif BUILDER’s 20 or 30 gram protein bars are frequently on-sale $1.25-$2.00 with long exp. date or a buck for recently expired. Tins of herring, tuna, salmon, clams, sardines (whatever you like) are also effective carry-food.

    Fire-making: The obvious first-resort is a Bic lighter, then a fire steel, then windproof matches from a sealed waterproof container with the striker strip inside. Small folding metal stoves for burning Hexamine tabs are compact and effective for warming food/drink ($5.99 with fuel).

    If you have a school backpack to fill with gear, or a car trunk, you are going to be fine. It gets sketchy when it’s what you have in your pockets at all times.

  4. What is your reason for white on black. It is difficult to read. If you do not want me to use your information why put it out?

  5. First, we have found that our current theme works well for most of our readers. You, as the reader, have all the freedom in the world to copy and paste whatever you see into whatever program you wish. If it doesn’t come out on, say, MS word, all you have to do is highlight it and change the font color. We provide information, not administrative services. Thanks for stopping by, though.

  6. Nice post – practical and concise. Additional suggestions: flashlight > 70 lumen (blind an adversary); headlamp with red light (discreet night movement); Garmin handheld GPS (and spare batteries); battery charger for cell phone (if phones are working, contact family and/or use nav app); Mainstay 3600 energy bars (these are wrapped and preserved to stay fresh in harsh environments = won’t go bad sitting in vehicle year-round); emergency cash (I always have $250 in $1/5/10/20’s – might be able to buy a meal, a motel room, or a favor; don’t relay on plastic); discretionary: portable radio and ear bud (know what’s going on; Yaesu or similar)

  7. Great info here, DTG, thank you! One addition: With that roll of toilet paper you also want a small bottle of hand sanitizer for cleaning up afterward.

  8. Don’t forget about railroads. You may have one or two that can get you close to where you’re going without having to walk the surface streets. Learn the routes, and then check it out to make sure the less than savory types don’t congregate close by.

    A few “Emergen-C” packets aren’t a bad idea either. Neither are warm gloves. Cold fingers suck.

  9. Or if you are using Firefox use the no squint add on. You can change the text size, color, font to whatever make it best for you to read.

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  12. I like this post. I gotta rethink a few items but I’m mostly on the same page as you.
    A minimal investment in both time and energy on my part has added a great deal of readiness to my ability to cope with adversity.
    I spend about $8 per year replacing expired energy bars with whatever is in the clearance rack at Kroger and that’s it. Socks, underwear, hat, rain suit and Gold Bond never expire. I’m gonna add a Bic and some inner tube (burns like crazy) and maybe a couple of magazines for the G26 and I think I’ll be able to handle the 22 mile hike from work year round.
    I have to think more about the river between home and work though. There are two road bridges and one railroad bridge that cross it without adding miles but if all three are obstructed, I’ll have a long way to go.

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