One comment on “Multi-tools: No Matter What, Have 1 on Your Set Up!

  1. Well said. Those multi-tools have a lot of uses out there, you can fix or rig up materials juuussst right. I like the Leatherman Crunch myself – surprisingly small and removing the locking bolt gives you a driver bit. Very nice to keep with sewing kit – those locking jaws really help pushing / pulling needles through heavier materials.

    Big time agreement with the dummy cord thoughts. I keep a Leatherman Kick with a length of paracord and ‘biner for belt loop attachment – very handy for fishing or working along the fence line with little fear of dropping or losing it. I clip it to the fence and slide it along the barbed wire when needed. No more digging through pocket or pouch.

    The Schrade SCHF9 knife sheath has a tool pouch that can be removed from it for belt attachment – nice way to keep both around.

    I’ve had good luck in the past finding used Leatherman Waves for $20 or less in pawn shops, but now see less of that. The cheaper tools seem to be more common now though. Thanks for the tip on looking on ebay for them.

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