5 comments on “To Date Since January 2009: 1,000,000 Muslims Brought to the US

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    We have been invaded all that matters now is .. Are you an #Infidel!

    “It’s beyond the pale to think that any of the children who’ve immigrated have gone through any of the training as shown above, right?

    It’s beyond the pale in these times that the government would be calling for the disarmament of US CITIZENS by further restricting the purchase of military look alike rifles and ammunition in the face of these attacks, in blatant violation of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment in particular, right?

    It’s beyond the pale to think that any of these ‘poor’ refugees (mostly military aged men) overrunning Europe and now being brought into the US against the wishes of the several States are going to assemble into ‘martyrdom cells’, right?

    It’s beyond the pale to think that a majority of military age Muslim men that have and are emigrating to the US hate the West and all it stands for, as they have demonstrated in Europe, right? (Here’s a link to a story written May 29th as a recent example)

    It’s beyond the pale to think that the DHS and Border Patrol have been picking up OTM’s (Other Than Mexicans) of Middle Eastern origin at the Southern border and then releasing them without vetting/processing, right?

    Adding all this up, I’m amazed when the ‘normalcy bias’ kicks into high gear and the interest in learning to defend one’s family and friends remains low, because the following picture is what you’re volunteering for, if this last statement describes you.

    Bottom line? You’re not training enough. You need more PT. This is not going to end well.”

  2. The PT I’ve got. What I’d like is about 50 more like minded friends. Any suggestions on how to go about getting those?


    Great work on this blog. I’ll be stopping by a lot!

  3. Hey, thanks for stopping by! Build your NPT very slowly and carefully. Suggest using, “A Failure of Civility” if you haven’t looked at it already. Great suggestions inside. Other than that, family and friends you’ve known for a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG time.

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