5 comments on “Self-Defense: No Longer an Option if You’re a Traditional American and want to Participate in the Political Process

  1. Read what op-ed by “Fred”? There’s no link?

    Not nearly enough people are capable of defending themselves,especially young people.
    The festivities in Cleveland should be interesting-Cleveland cops aren’t letting anyone take vacation during the GOP convention,and they bought a bunch of new riot gear-including collapsible batons.
    I have a friend who is a Cleveland cop,he says the cops aren’t going to allow any of the B.S. that took place in other cities to go on. They’ll be using horseback officers for crowd control too.

    The shooter (s) in Orlando were in the nightclub for hours-yet no one tried taking the guy out? No group of guys tried to rush the guy,throw chairs/barstools,glasses,beer bottles-anything at the shooter? Or tried to take him down while he was reloading?
    If the choice is get shot and killed-or fight,everyone I know is going to fight.

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