2 comments on “UPDATED: ISIS Kill List of “Ordinary Americans” is Apparently Circulating…

  1. C’mon, this can’t be right. Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance.

    I’m surprised the list does not confine itself to politicians who promote and vote for U.S. military Middle East actions and strikes. They are responsible for actions happens over there, and violence against them would likely have faster results.

  2. Actually, according to their book, ‘peace’ comes after submission; ‘tolerance’ is only for those who submit. And yes, I got you were being sarcastic. 🙂

    The extrapolation of targets to include ‘average Americans’ is a logical extension of their ‘scorched earth’ strategy. Average Americans vote the politicians who get us into undeclared wars and so-called ‘police actions’ into office, and keep returning the same ones over and over. That is more than just tacit approval–it’s active participation. Further, it’s my personal belief that as they are not only allowed, but encouraged to bring their brand of ‘religion’ here, which is in direct conflict with the Constitution, we are going to see physical confrontation (meaning the things we see today in Europe) as they push and we sit back and take it, all in the name of ‘tolerance.’ I wonder which of our states will be the new Sweden, which is now the ‘rape capital of Europe.’ I wonder how many of our ‘men’ will stand by and watch, clucking their tongues, as they read and see on the news, battered and raped women and girls, and of course, the decapitated heads of those who ‘insult the prophet’…

    What they’re not getting is that being a follower of the Nazarene doesn’t mean one is a doormat or an easy victim for beheading…..just sayin’….

    As always, thanks for stopping by.

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