9 comments on “Band Wagon Post: Don’t Try to Have your NPT Look Like a Regular Military Outfit

  1. a group i was looking at joining picked multicam knowing the army was about to do the same. being former .mil, i advised against it and was blown off. i would like to point out that in addition to being shot as a spy impersonating a soldier, you could be shot by others mistaking you for the regime, or being arrested and shot as a suspected deserter or pressed into service during marshal law. the national guard is going to be roving around trying to collect all their no-shows too. why not pick one item of clothing or marking that can f.o.f id you but not set you apart from the average woodsman? easier to rip off a bandana or hat than your whole uniform if compromised. personally i like the german flecktarn, but od does just fine. too many folks are caught up in the gear/clothes instead of the knowledge. i also had ten years infantry service, and 20 more of various mos’s to offer them. their loss not mine.

  2. Recently, I added your blog to my handful of websites that I visit daily.
    Not that you do – or should – give a damn about that, but my point is that I must not be the only one who eagerly waits for your next article. So,please, Sir, keep them coming. Thank you!

  3. Well stated sir. Looking like a militia that appears to be LOOKING for a fight just makes us all look bad. Your earth tone colors are much easier to blend in public spaces as well as the woods as long as know how to move quietly without getting noticed. Practice your stalking skills in the woods.

  4. With that extreme fatty in the first pic, I would imagine that he would be the first casualty in any fire and movement engagement, heart failure.

    I just have one thing to say to all……..More PT!


  5. You’re local-ish to me. Shoot me a comment on VFA and we can talk. I thought I recognized the screen name from the forum where that little dustup went down about the Russians in multicam. Haha, small world we were talking about the same guys.

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