4 comments on “SHTF Kit Planning: What to Have and Why – Part IV

  1. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    “we’re talking quality equipment (what priority are you putting on your life?) ”

    Or-if you have a $10.00 head,buy a $10.00 helmet.
    Great series of posts!

  2. Something I learned the hard way years ago. We were in deer camp with temps around the freezing mark. I only had a Coleman summer weight bag, but Uncle told me that sleeping under a thermal blanket with blankets would help. It did – but at the cost of condensation wetting my bag enough so that by Day 3, the bag was soggy enough to be pretty uncomfortable. Air out your bag daily if possible, just to stop this from occurring.

    I’ve read some bushcrafters stuff trash bags with leaves and then sleep on top of them for ground insulation. Insulating yourself from the ground is just (or more important) then the insulation above your bag.

    Thank you for Part 4 – definitely taking notes !

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