19 comments on “SHTF Product Review: Casio GW 7900B1Solar Atomic “Stealth” Watch

  1. I love the Casio Pathfinder 1300, rugged like this with several other features. The few I use most are the compass (you wouldn’t want to do land nav with it but it’s plenty accurate when setting up my antenna), barometer with past 24 hour graph (dropping fast means not fun times if out camping), and thermometer (not accurate on my wrist but great for hanging up in the tent to check in the morning).
    I’ve had it for years, beat the hell out of it and it still runs and looks great!

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  3. Had the above (or close). The battery went out after about 5 years. Could not find a replacement..
    Replaced it with a self-winding. It runs fast. Trying to figure out EXACTLY how fast per 24 hours.
    I am considering another Casio with Barometer and Altimeter. Can ya’ll suggest a model number?

  4. Solid rundown. Thanks for posting this up.

    I’ve been using the Suunto watches for years, but I wouldn’t hesitate to give this a look should one of mine go down.

    Casio has always provided solid performance from the G-Shock line.

  5. Thanks for stopping by! Here’s their watch website. I know there are a lot better (and therefore much more expensive) watches from Casio and other manufacturer’s out there; this one, however, for the money expended, provides a superb ROI. The particular model reviewed does have a replacable solar battery, albeit must be replaced by either a manufacturer or a skilled watch repair company.


    That’s all we have…except for this one:


    Hope it helps!

  6. Actually making good on this if it happens would be difficult, but I’ll bet you a large coffee that if there’s an EMP your watch will be fine. Not enough pickup area to matter.

  7. Speaking from experience, the only problem with watches that sync with the atomic timeservers is that they usually keep horrible time on their own. I’ve had one for a decade now, and as long as it gets that time sync ever night, it’s great. But when you work at night like I do, and you’re moving around when it’s trying to sync, it almost never will… and after a few days without a sync, the time starts to noticeably degrade. Sometimes a couple of seconds a day…

    So, after TSHTF, and the time signals are no longer going out, you can’t expect these to be very accurate.

    Note that I still use it though. I suppose come The Fall, I’ll have more to worry about than how accurate my watch is. This particular watch does look very nice…

  8. I can manually sync mine as well, but for some reason, trying to do it during the day, when I take it off and set it down before bed, almost never works for some reason. If it doesn’t manage to sync when it tries every hour between midnight and six, the odds are pretty good that it won’t sync at all until the next cycle. Working 11pm to 7am, as I do, makes that problematic… despite trying to manually sync it every day before I go to sleep, it typically only syncs on my days off, when I turn in around three am or so and it can use it’s normal syncing cycle.

    Then again, this watch here is much newer than mine, and that could make a difference. I just wish the damn things where accurate without the sync, too… accuracy plus syncing would be awesome!

  9. I have an older version of this watch I’ve been wearing for many years now (10+) and I love it.

  10. Indications are the watch is a receiver, not a tranceiver, but if you’re truly concerned, get one, have it analyzed, and let us ALL know…that’d be great. Think of how much tin foil might be faced with such an act of kindness.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Sorry that I must confess I’m too poor to afford one (I’m a real artist and live in Austria). I could have made a fortune if I had stuck to a political party – but I wanted to remain a free Patriot. So I must struggle hard for a living AND do prepping for my family. We are overrun by the Moslems in Europe so we need to be prepared for a serious fight for freedom. Our military is a bad joke (because of the socialist politics of the last decades) – we ought to defend ourselves by the few means we have. We don’t have a 2nd amendment, so we must find ways to arm up secretly.

  12. We all face the limitations of our disposable income and have to balance what we can afford against what may be optimum. That’s why I, for example, don’t buy a lot of things ‘new’…I’ll take my time and search pre-owned (used) things until I find one that I can afford that meets my requirements.

    Thanks again; good luck in your preps!

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