4 comments on “Survival Knives!

  1. We have hatchets / tomahawks as well, but because of the thick thorny brush that predominates our rurals, a machete is often very handy tool. We keep a bastard file for sharpening it inside the sheath. A fillet knife – processing cactus pads is a natural food in springtime. For fire building, garden pruning shears allow gathering tinder very easy and quick without a lot of racket.

    No boot knives, at least so far. i could probably be talked into it, lol. A Cold Steel Bird – Trout neck knife is handy for animal game meat processing. The SAK camper w/ saw blade, scissors is very useful.

    Thank you for the post – good discussion topic. No experience with Northern woods, Southern swamps or mountain ranges, desert scrub w/ mainly hardwood forest is where we are.

  2. We’ve been playing with alternatives to machetes including shorter versions as we’ve got some thick brush as well, but haven’t settled on anything. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Well, the Woodsman’s Pal may be right up your alley. Sort of a cross of hatchet / machete. We have the original model with metal D handled guard. When hauling off debris, the vine hook holds the limb while grasping the D guard, extending your reach and not having your back bent as much. Really helps at the end of the day.

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