12 comments on “Re-Post: Principles of Tactical Defense – Part III: “Digging In,” Also Known As, “Field Fortifications”

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  2. Having looked at a cheap, fragile-looking folding shovel at a gun show recently, I’d like to hear your recommendations of specific shovels.

  3. If you can ever find one, the US M1956 E-tool w/pick is the finest folding shovel ever issued by any army. The new tri-folds are crap compared to the earlier VN issued shovels. Got mine new in 1968.
    Next would be the German Bundeswehr wood handled w/pick. About $25 and still available.
    Then the Swiss model of the WW2 German folder, another Rolex of shovels. Absolute high quality steel and wood.
    Try ebay for any of these, however, don’t spend too much,I’ve found most of my etools under $25, some of the current prices are outrageous! surplus stores rarely carry anything except cheap trifolds these days.
    After that they go downhill in size and quality.
    Or do as the Brits do, find a stout steel D-handle shovel of about 3′ length, carry it along with a short pickaxe. That will move some earth.

  4. Vintage shovel (WWI-style, Swiss mil-surp until 1960’s, Solid wood handle/folding blade/folding pick ), or if you have the scratch, a titanium shovel. Agree with the uselessness of flimsy tri-fold shovels (often poor Chinese copy of US mil tri-fold). Late-model Chinese Red Army shovel/multi-tool is interesting.

  5. Local Best! Hardware store selling full-length fiberglass-handle shovels (round or flat blade) for $6.50. Leather palm gloves (L only) $2.49 pair. Hunnert bucks equips 11 digging teams.

    Maybe not perfect as a ruck-carry tool (heavy/big), but if they could “appear” with a length of cord per team (buddy lift of full shovel) in a local woodshed near the entrenching requirement, deep bunker hole-digging gets easier than with the short-handled shovels carried by soldiers.

  6. Agree on the NEW Chinese one. Looks very practical.
    Asked some friends in HongKong to find me one, no luck yet.

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