11 comments on “Figure Your NPT might be out for a bit?

  1. Thank you very much for the post – a lot of great tips enclosed. Great call on the lanyard (dummy cord) attachment for your tools. I keep one of my Leathermans attached to belt loop with a carabiner. So easy to ‘drop tool’ and quickly grab back when doing tasks.

  2. Dang it – forgot to add a favorite tip. A spool of steel wire (trip wire) makes for a really handy repair resource. Much stronger than thread for sewing reinforcement. Well worth the cost – even steel fishing leader material can be used for this. More available but a but more expense.

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  4. White on black background is very hard for “Old Guys to read. Just a thought for whenever there is a need to update your site.


  5. Agree with Danny Lee. Would appreciate a revision to this small detail.

  6. Thanks for the input and dropping by. Solid, earth tone colors, OTOH, blend in really well, wet or dry, when one needs to be less than noticeable when interacting with people….including in SHTF/WROL….but it’s all situational as I’m sure you know.

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