6 comments on “Mild Winter? Do Some Ruck Walks…

  1. Yup! Northern Illinois here and we’ve had some nice gaps in the cold-suck. Did 4 miles with 45 pounds on Wednesday and three with the same weight the Sunday before. All sub-16 minute miles so nothing record breaking, but still hard enough on my north of 50 year old bod. Easier to maintain than rebuild, right?

  2. Oh, and a t-shirt under a long sleeve shirt is plenty – any kind of jacket or coat would be bad with too much heat retention. I put off enough heat so as to be seen from space, and my hard breathing can probably be heard from orbit too. Not pretty…

  3. Popped in to see what was up, after reading this post I grabbed my not coming home bag and out the door I went. Did a 3/4 mile series of switchbacks up above town ,then down . Packs sitting at 65 lbs, climb was packed snow. I utilize a set of ski poles for stability. Thanks for the motivator.

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