4 comments on “PSA: Educational Meme Minute

  1. And, then, there’s the meme of “I was all about Obamacare, and somebody else paying for my health care, until I found out that I WAS that somebody else!”

  2. What I’m seeing is a all or nothing mentality. When the best thing for all is in the. Middle of the road. I believe in the second amendment, and have beautiful lever guns as well as evil black rifles. Yet I believe we need to make some changes to bring down gun violence. I also believe in some republican plans , as well as some democratic ideas. And there is some programs that would be termed socialist (social security) that also have some merit. One thing for certain, I am sick and tired of the status quo of both parties. I live in Montana, where I have witnessed personally the effects of climate change. And its effects on the entire environment, including my beloved hunting and fishing. Let’s all meet in the middle and get er done. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, and I thank you for your efforts.

  3. First, thanks for stopping by and reading. Second, I respectfully disagree that the best thing for all is a middle ground between Marxism and Jeffersonian freedom under limited government. If one were to make a graphic, that would put the ‘best’ answer as ‘Socialism-Lite’ which is unacceptable as well. Reason is that socialists never, ever stop taking from others. I also respectfully disagree that we “need to make some changes to bring down gun violence” if those changes include the abrogation or limitation of the natural right of self-defense by any means available. The weapon itself is immaterial. Facts are that the ‘gun violence’ that many liberals (meaning ‘transnational socialists’ meaning ‘progressives’ meaning ‘socialists’ meaning ‘communists’) get upset about is criminally based. Criminals, by their very nature, do not obey restrictions put upon the rest of society that actually obeys the law. Further, every single genocidal move by any government in the history of man was preceded by weapons confiscation that was preceded by registration (the knowledge of who had what and where). Social Security has no merit, because there is no ‘trust fund’ as conventional wisdom indicates. The funds paid through that program are appropriated by Congress; taxes collected pay the interest on the national debt. Further, Social Security was designed as a voluntary program that was never to be used as a form of identification or mandatory possession. To require SSAN’s in order to file taxes and to take a percentage of one’s wages violates the principles the program itself was designed. Climate change (which is the ‘new progressive ‘catch all’ for anything not understood by so-called scientists, and used to be called ‘global warming’) occurs, from what objective examination shows, sun activity. The sun, and subsequently the planet, is in a cooling phase. With that comes change. Further, there is nothing man can do to change those facts.

    Compromise is the language of defeat. Socialists refuse to compromise; communists refuse to compromise. Why should those who love freedom as designed and codified in our Constitution compromise, unless, of course, the design is for the other side (who refuses to compromise) to exercise even more control over our lives?

    We appreciate your reading of the blog and stopping by to comment. We hope that you’ll take our disagreement with you in the light it was intended: courteous discourse among free men.

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