6 comments on “Essential Skills – The Ambush – Pt III

  1. Thank you for your post. For those of us with no military / LEO training, this at least gets us familiar with the concepts.

  2. Figure c10 and c15 are felony stupid. Last I checked its never attack on two perrallel sides much less all four, unless your going for that Polish Firing Sqaud effect.

  3. Your comment shows you to be a single dimensional thinker who’s most likely never had training beyond the most simple techniques; in essence, you really don’t know what you don’t know. Evidence? You didn’t take into account the impact that terrain features (natural or man made) would have on the two methods. But thanks for reading the piece anyways. Have a very DTG day.

  4. Agreed. In fact, figure c10 is one of the more common techniques used by professional light infantry units. It is quite effective in the hands or professional soldiers.

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