8 comments on “Essential Skills: Learning What Not to Do…

  1. If you look right below our logo, you’ll see a tab for, “Abbreviations, Terms, and Acronym Reference.” When you click on it, the very first acronym defined is, “NPT.” Since you didn’t have the time to do that, you might want to check it out. Thanks for stopping by, though.

  2. In professional writing, it is customary for the first occasion of an acronym to be spelled out with the acronym placed in closed parentheses. This alleviates the need to go searching a website to find the hidden “Abbreviations, Terms, and Acronyms”. Sheesh. Thanks for making it difficult.

  3. First, this is decidedly NOT the first time we’ve used this or other acronyms in our blog posts. But, because we have new readers, we put the directory in plain view so new readers could easily find and figure out what various acronyms stand for and that we didn’t have to waste time with useless repetition of parenthetical information. After all, it is OUR blog, and we can write how and as we choose.

    Now, as to having to search the website…let’s see….you click on the blog and you see the first post….and lo and behold, right above it in the screen shot is the tab that states in all caps, “ABBREVIATIONS, TERMS, AND ACRONYM REFERENCE.” Some search. If it’s that difficult to figure it out OR be less than courteous in your not-so-constructive critique, maybe this isn’t the blog for you. Feel free not to read it.

    Have a very DTG day.

  4. Got to say that you truly made it easy. People just want stuff handed to them. I have found the posts here to be grounded, to the point and useful in many ways. This one hits the nail on the head. I usually use your ideas to spark topics with my NTP group. Keep it coming! Beginning to think that prepping is not for everyone. Thanks for all the good work.

  5. Yes you can write as you do… but the commentators are correct that when an acronym appears for the first time in an article (not the first time ever) it is proper to spell it out once.

    Your top left does not say “Abbreviations” it says “menu”.. leaving a new reader like me a couple of steps to “discover” the actual meaning if I can figure out that Abbreviations will be placed under a tab called menu.

    Just saying…

  6. Sorry you’re having such a rough time navigating the site and blog. I’ve just experimented on both the web site and the wordpress blog site to try to replicate your problem. This is what happened to me accessing both from the web as if I was a new reader:

    If you are on the wordpress site, the tab is there. Use it. If you’re on the web site and click on the blog which takes you to the blog feed, click on any post. It takes you right to the blog, and the tab is there. Clicking on the tab will take you to the list of acronyms that may be used in any post.

    If you can’t take the time to look it up, that’s beyond our control. First, this is a FREE information source. We put out information we believe is useful. Sometimes we have the time to spell out acronyms, sometimes we don’t. Readers have the responsibility to either ask or look up concepts, principles, terms and acronyms they might not understand. Criticism for the sake of playing, “gotcha” doesn’t cut it with us. Especially when the information we give away on the blog is FREE.

    We do our best, but don’t have the inclination or time (mostly the case) to ensure we spell out everything we use as an acronym for new readers. If you can’t find it in the reference, ask; we’ll be happy to help and then correct the error. While we appreciate all the readers, new and regular alike, this is the first time since the blog’s inception that we’ve had complaints on acronym definition, or lack thereof.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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