13 comments on “SHTF Dental Kit

  1. Pure clove oil directly on tooth/gums will kill infection and probably avoid extraction in many cases. Also commented on MDT. PURE only $20/ 15ml bottle. Cheaper than co-pay at Dentist. If extraction/surgery is needed then treat before and after to reduce complications and speed recovery.

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  3. Pure oil of clove does nothing but deaden the pain,( topically ) it treats the symptoms ( if you are lucky ) and does nothing else..Prolonged use can lead to nerve damage, thus giving you the false sense of “repair”.. decay will continue until the tooth is lost.. Use only when there is no other treatment available, it is not a cure, or a substitute for treatment…. Sorry to be a wet blanket.

  4. Oil pulling with coconut oil (anit-bacterial, anti-viral) can help with many dental problems.

  5. Not only is tooth pain a distraction from everything else, it interferes with proper eating! If it hurts to chew, people will skip chewy nutritious food like meat or nuts. This will leave them weak and hurting.

    Oral infection was a major killer in 19th century England. Bacterial infection gets to the heart, then it’s a short time to the undertaker. Betcha it’s getting more common with the current economy.

  6. Some folks enjoy good dental health up into their 60’s, I’m not one of them, teeth are expensive and painful, so, I am investing in denture making materials and may pull the rest of my teeth and use dentures. The alternative is to carry a small hand grinder or Gum that steak, Hahaha.

    A complete dental kit is essential at home and more than once clove oil saved my bacon where there was nothing else, it is always in my field kit.

  7. Plain old vanilla, the cooking stuff, will stop tooth pain asap.
    Twist a paper towel to a point, dip the point in the vanilla, apply directly to the infected spot with pressure and hold. In 10 seconds the pain will be gone and stay gone for 12 hours or more. You can get 8oz bottles of vanilla at the dollar store for, you guessed it, a dollar.

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