Political Discourse: An Example of First Amendment Protected Speech


The First Amendment to our Constitution was designed to protect speech in general, but more specifically, political speech.  Here’s an excellent example of the type of speech the First Amendment protects:

“These people and groups — all of them — are full of crap and I have no time for any more of it.  This nation is crumbling around us from fraud, scam and extortion (especially in the medical sector) with much of it being either flatly-unlawful or “permitted” via “special laws” that apply to nobody else while we tolerate being told we need a permission slip before we can defend ourselves against violent assault by either a common criminal, a rage-monster (quite-possibly created by that same medical industry) or a religious nutjob who believes he’s going to get 72 virgins if he commits enough murders.

The government has arrogated power to itself it does not have, refusing to go through the lawful and proper process (passing a Constitutional Amendment) to acquire said power, knowing that such an attempt would probably fail, and yet nobody stands up even through lawful and peaceful means such as a general strike as the number of said blatantly unconstitutional and outrageous “laws” number in the tens of thousands and those in the “CFRs”, or federal regulations, add hundreds of thousands more, with additions to both being made daily.  Instead we fawn over people who claim “black lives matter” (how about white lives?), argue over whether a man accused of multiple instances of******is still “America’s Dad”, and are told by Democrats in Congress that it’s a violation of the “sense of Congress” (complete with the urging to find some means to jail us) should we insult a pedophile who beheaded people by the score and had the audacity to name himself a prophet, all while they bequeath funds from the public treasury so an “artist” can display***** Christ.”

Read the rest, here.  Content warning:  Be advised, the author, Karl Denninger, does not pull punches, and you may find yourself feeling elevated blood pressure….comments here are open; the only rule is that you may not attack the author, only the idea.  Cite your work, please.

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