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They. Want. Them. All.

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The new target for gun bans: All semiautomatic weapons?

Back in the 1970s, talk was of banning “Saturday Night Specials” — cheap, generally low-caliber handguns that were supposedly favored by criminals. Actually, criminals, like other people, preferred better, more powerful guns. And to the extent the bans pushed criminals away from the cheap, low-caliber guns and to slightly more expensive, high-caliber substitutes, they might have increased gun deaths, precisely because the high-caliber substitutes were deadlier. (A gun is a criminal’s tool of the trade; a few would-be gun criminals might be put off by having to pay some more for a gun, but many others would pay the extra money if they had to.)

Then talk shifted to so-called “assault weapons” — particular kinds of semiautomatic weapons — partly because these too were seen as unusual and not generally owned by law-abiding people. Quite a few states and cities have indeed banned sales of such weapons, as did the federal government (for newly manufactured) weapons from 1994 to 2004. Of course, especially now, such “assault weapons” are actually pretty common, but bans on them are still being proposed.

And of course now things have moved on: Now we’re hearing calls for bans on sale or home possession of semiautomatic weapons generally. Consider, for instance, Thomas Friedman’s column in the New York Times this week; Damon Linker’s article for The Week this week, though apparently limited to semiautomatic rifles; the Media Matters article hopefully noting a poll of Latinos that showed support for a ban on “semi-automatic and assault weapons” (the polling organization itself characterized the position as “ban semi-automatic weapons”).

These proposals aren’t entirely new; President Obama, when he was a candidate for the Illinois legislature in 1998, said he’d support a ban on semiautomatic weapons. But I’ve been hearing them more and more often — even though semiautomatic guns likely represent close to half of the guns out there in the country. These aren’t calls for restricting supposedly narrow categories of guns that are allegedly used predominantly by criminals. These are calls for banning the sorts of guns that tens of millions of law-abiding Americans have in their homes.

Now if people think that we’d be safer with a ban on semiautomatic weapons, they should of course feel free to argue in favor of such a ban. But, as I suggested in this post earlier today, it’s hard to view gun rights supporters as “paranoid” for worrying that supposedly modest restrictions will lead to broad gun bans, when they see how supposedly narrower past restrictions are indeed being followed by calls for much broader gun bans today.

Eugene Volokh teaches free speech law, religious freedom law, church-state relations law, a First Amendment Amicus Brief Clinic, and tort law, at UCLA School of Law, where he has also often taught copyright law, criminal law, and a seminar on firearms regulation policy.
Results if it’s done?  Well, at first….
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images


It’ll only get worse from there…..remember Waco?

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Remember, just because you don’t care about politics doesn’t mean politics doesn’t care about YOU.  Get involved and help preserve the Bill of Rights before YOUR favorite limitation on government is erased!!  Use what avenues of redress of grievances we have left.

The only thing that stands between tyranny and liberty is YOU.

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Battle on Snoeshoes

Think running a NPT security patrol in warm weather is daunting? Try it in winter….in deep snow…with snow shoes. It’s a whole ‘nother thing. When one lives in an area that has very cold temperatures and the potential for deep accumulated snow, learning to snow shoe is as essential as learning knots, building fires, shelters, and marksmanship…..




Robert Rogers’ Legendary Break Contact- 1757

On 21 JAN 1757, Rogers’ Rangers on a recon patrol(referred to as a “scout” by Rogers) found themselves ambushed by 250 French Infantry and their allied Indian tribes, countered the ambush and broke contact.

Rogers’ men were badly outnumbered and taken by surprise; the French muskets misfired due to wet powder and ill-equipped for the weather, the French Infantry found themselves unable to move in the deep snow.

Rogers and his men set a historical precedent in the way Small Units operate- one that is still taught to this day- paying attention to the way the Natives fought and always seeking to improve and refine their equipment and tactics off of it. His Unit was made of hard men forged even harder under his command; never yielding to odds whether in their favor or not, and usually the latter. Find a way to win.

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Why Preppers Do What They Do…

A Major Weather Event:  dc

The Initial Herd Reaction:


Government ‘assistance’ (aka, “You’re On Your Own”)?

What will schools and the federal government do? In past storms of this magnitude, even those that occurred over the weekend (many of them, in fact), schools and government closed up to several days in the week following.”  Here.

Power Outages Expected:
Power Outage
Zombies Looking for Food, Warmth, and Shelter:
home invader
This is just one set of reasons why we help folks develop their NPT!

Essential Skills: Live Fire

AQT Qual

Remember, the purpose of consistent dry fire training is to translate the practice into live fire validation.  These basics are the cornerstone of practical marksmanship.  Before you decide you are ready to go the next phase of weaponry skill, you should, on a ‘square range’ score at least 190 on the ‘Quick & Dirty’ AQT.

Doing so demonstrates to all who witness (including yourself) that you’ve mastered the weapon to the degree that, all things being equal, you will operate safely on a more dynamic course of fire that includes fire and movement along side a ‘battle buddy’ or in a more complex exercise that could include a base of fire and a maneuver element, depending on the course you’re in and the range available.

fire and moveement

Keep in mind that in the case of live fire and movement training, being focused on leaving nothing to chance increases the probability that nobody gets injured or killed.  That’s extremely important for your NPT, and obviously so.  The ramifications of NPT’s training to fire and move and having someone killed due to miscommunication, poor fire control, or any other ‘reason’ would be significant and possibly far reaching, especially in today’s political climate.  Therefore, the original point of dry fire, AQT qualifications, dry fire and movement practice until it’s done right, and then wet fire, all stand the test of logic and common sense.

Deciding to go out on a piece of private land somewhere with a few NPT members and shoot an ad hoc course does not stand those tests.

Your formula should be:

  • Dry fire – consistent regimen
  • Familiarization Fire (unofficial qualification shooting) – Monthly
  • AQT Firing – Quarterly until scoring 190 points and continuing between live fire & movement training sessions
  • Fire & Movement Training
    • Dry runs – Until muscle memory begins to be demonstrated on safely navigating
    • Wet runs – When all NPT members participating have demonstrated the capability to move safely with their weapons, assume various shooting positions while navigating the course of fire.

Some might think this is, ‘old school’ and rightfully so:  it’s the exact method used for training I underwent from two branches conducting the training.  Might not be considered high speed, but we never had a single casualty in either course I attended or the many subsequent courses my instructor team taught.  Keep that as your objective:  realistic, productive training that is safe to navigate.

Have fun!

Dieu et les Dames



The absolute most deplorable act a human can commit is that of rape. Be it a child, woman, or man, the violation of another individual is in and of itself worse than murder. It is an act whose sole aim is that of conquer; the domination of another against the will. It is an act that should have but one punishment; death; and whose ramifications are lifelong in its victims.

It seems as though Europe is having a bit of an issue- one that wasn’t hard to predict by many with experience in Islamic culture. The domination of the male and consequence of violation of morays is far, far deeper than what can even be understood in the West. Thus, it’s been hard for the soft minded socialist states of Europe to understand the democide they have unleashed upon their societies.

In the US, these issues are not new, but…

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SHTF Dental Kit


Go on over to Survival Medicine and check this out!

Sample graf:  “Anyone who has had to perform a task while simultaneously dealing with a bad toothache can attest to the effect on the amount and quality of work done. If your teeth hurt badly, it’s unlikely that your mind can concentrate on anything other than the pain. Therefore, it only makes sense that you must learn basic dental hygiene, care, and procedures to keep your people at full work efficiency. It could easily be the difference between success and failure in a collapse. In normal times, however, you should understand that the practice of dentistry without a license is illegal and punishable by law. Seek modern and standard dental care wherever and whenever it is available. “

where there is no dentist

While you’re at it, another good reference is, “Where There Is No Dentist,” by Murray Dickson.  First Aid also includes dental issues!

After you check both the site and the book out, consider getting your check up ASAP, as well as any preventative work you may have been putting off.  If SHTF, you’ll be very, VERY glad you did.

More from the ‘Religion of Peace’

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This is why we prep.  This is why we train NPT members.  This is why we are NEVER unaware of our surroundings.  Ever.

Read the local coverage, here.

“Sources tell Eyewitness News the suspect has given a full confession, saying he did it in the name of Islam. Sources also say the suspect’s full confession of the alleged attack was written down and recorded on video.”

“Sources say the wounded officer told investigators that Archer walked up to the car, appeared to be about to ask for directions when he pulled a 9 mm and opened up with 13 shots. ”

Shot at the cop 13 times.  Hit him 3.  The cop shot back and gave as good as he got after being hit.  Thank God the ‘ambassador from the Religion of Peace’ couldn’t shoot to save his miserable ass.

If you ever needed a reason for getting a CPL and some training, the above story provides more than enough.  It doesn’t matter that you may not be a cop.  You are an American citizen.  That’s Islamic for ‘target’.  We can help.

more attacks

It’s not like they’re trying to surprise us on what their plans are…..


Political Discourse: An Example of First Amendment Protected Speech


The First Amendment to our Constitution was designed to protect speech in general, but more specifically, political speech.  Here’s an excellent example of the type of speech the First Amendment protects:

“These people and groups — all of them — are full of crap and I have no time for any more of it.  This nation is crumbling around us from fraud, scam and extortion (especially in the medical sector) with much of it being either flatly-unlawful or “permitted” via “special laws” that apply to nobody else while we tolerate being told we need a permission slip before we can defend ourselves against violent assault by either a common criminal, a rage-monster (quite-possibly created by that same medical industry) or a religious nutjob who believes he’s going to get 72 virgins if he commits enough murders.

The government has arrogated power to itself it does not have, refusing to go through the lawful and proper process (passing a Constitutional Amendment) to acquire said power, knowing that such an attempt would probably fail, and yet nobody stands up even through lawful and peaceful means such as a general strike as the number of said blatantly unconstitutional and outrageous “laws” number in the tens of thousands and those in the “CFRs”, or federal regulations, add hundreds of thousands more, with additions to both being made daily.  Instead we fawn over people who claim “black lives matter” (how about white lives?), argue over whether a man accused of multiple instances of******is still “America’s Dad”, and are told by Democrats in Congress that it’s a violation of the “sense of Congress” (complete with the urging to find some means to jail us) should we insult a pedophile who beheaded people by the score and had the audacity to name himself a prophet, all while they bequeath funds from the public treasury so an “artist” can display***** Christ.”

Read the rest, here.  Content warning:  Be advised, the author, Karl Denninger, does not pull punches, and you may find yourself feeling elevated blood pressure….comments here are open; the only rule is that you may not attack the author, only the idea.  Cite your work, please.