Recon Basics

Brushbeater’s post on: Recon Basics



“The most critical piece of equipment though, is you and your team. This being said, recon doesn’t ebb and flow well when Teams don’t work well. As a leader, it’s your job to piece together a team now that works and start training. This stuff is very simple on paper; but there’s a reason teams go on lockdown a week prior to stepping off to plan their mission. Individual and Cross-loaded skills are critical to not just success but survival. During the planning process, no detail goes unnoticed. Terrain models are built, rally points and critical targets of interest are memorized, and every contingency is attempted to be thought out. Also important to note is that while these illustrations are taking place in the hypothetical woods of anywhere, the same principles apply in Urban environments. The basics don’t change.

This stuff is way more advanced than simple Light Infantry movement to contact stuff- and it takes a lot of practice. That’s why Recon and Surveillance Units across the board are made up of selected and specially trained soldiers. It’s not something that can just be done by anyone at any time; and that’s why these topics are far more important than arguing over which caliber rifle you’d rather get shot with, what Line-1 crap you should put in a “bugout bag” or any of the other useless topics that come up frequently.”


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