3 comments on “Essential Skills: Dumping the Ruck

  1. If you watch firefight videos on YouTube, pay attention to how much crap our boys carry and how slow they move. The best one was watching a guy try to walk through an ally type area with some tubular weapon across his back ( our version of the rpg? Sorry for the crappy description). He whacked it off of light poles and everything else.
    Perhaps you guys could take some of those videos and break them down as examples of what to and not to carry and as the article alludes to, when to drop it and hit the ground.

  2. No need to watch and dissect; yes, those videos demonstrate the problem with trying to negotiate the extreme danger of a fire fight. It is simply amazing to me that command would not realize the importance of agility and speed! But we can use those as a lesson: When contact is imminent, drop your rucks. When contact is happening, drop your rucks. If you’re on a security patrol and you’ve reached your Objective Rallying Point (ORP), drop your rucks. One of two things will occur: You will either A: return to the drop point and recover when your action is complete, or B: Your team will split up your gear….

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