8 comments on “Multi-Tools: Have at LEAST One in Your Gear!

  1. Great tips and comments about mutli-tools. I would add that if you decide to add a ferro rod to your pouch, be sure and keep an eye on it. My Leatherman nylon pouch with elastic sleeve gathered quite a bit of ferro rod disintegration after a couple of months storeage. I don’t know if the fabric reacted with the rod’s coating, or what, but it was messy. Turned to powder, really corroded the metal rod. ???

    A good place to find high quality multi-tools for less $$$ are pawn shops. I’ve found Leatherman Waves for less than $20, with most of the wear only on the blade and pliers. For this reason, I have multiples for different kits and for later trade for little expenditure. Check them out – you may be pleasantly surprised.

    If your tool needs aren’t quite strenuous, consider the Swiss Army Knive (NOT THE CHINESE KNOCKOFFS!!). Great for smaller kits, the SAK saw blade (tinder) metal file, awl, tweezers (thorns!) and screwdrivers are very well manufactured tools.

    And don’t forget the lanyard for attachment. A length of cord tied to lanyard hole and a ‘biner’ on opposite end to clip to belt loop – Indespensible !

    Thanks for the post – looking forward to reading the comments.

  2. I have a big Gerber that I keep in my bug out gear, but I wanted something smaller for EDC that could also be my primary pocket knife. I’ve been wearing the Gerber Crucial FAST for about three years, and it’s great. It’s EDC and still tight and sharp. I also like that it’s red, instead of black or even worse camo (I figure that the only reason for camo on a multitool is so that when you drop it in the woods you know not to bother looking for it.)

  3. Good looking knife sheaths – very smart to include a pouch for the multi-tool. At one of our local gunshows, one of the vendors made a leather belt sheath that has enough space in the back to include a DMT diamond sharpening pad as well as the knife. His one caution – make sure the diamond side is on opposite side of knife, as sliding knife past it scratches the finish badly.

    I made a DIY sheath for my 1st production Leatherman (smaller / slimmer tool than later models) using cordura belt I found at our local SA. Cutting a length double the tool, I folded it over and stapled the outside edges, making a pouch for the pocket. Use a blade screwdriver to drive in the points well into fabric to prevent snagging. If you want a belt loop, you cut longer and folding a ‘S’ pattern easily make that as well.

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