3 comments on “World Events Pointing to Shrinking Time Window

  1. The picture of the man about to be beheaded is indicative of where our society is morally traveling. Notice that one dead man is on the ground already (died honorably). One is on his knees about to die very dishonorably. Other ‘people’, for lack of a better name to call them, are onlookers with their arms folded, while soldiers standby observing the execution. What an all together different outcome this wold have had, had the armfolders joined with the man who fought back (now honorably dead from lack of help). I am very much concerned that the masses of American’ts will just stand, arms folded, being led to the slaughter. What possible good would one a few more minutes of life do anyone. We are all headed to the slaughter pens. What not go out honorably.

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