Brushbeater: Lessons From Chechnya


You have homework to do, starting with the latest from Brushbeater. Key quote: Your opposition already hates you and everything you are. Do not forget. Do you understand yet?

Source: Brushbeater: Lessons From Chechnya


Key Graf – emphasis added:  “Their war is ongoing and will not stop; ISIS is it’s current manifestation, and a culmination of several missteps(whether on purpose or not is up to the reader to decide, and not for I to debate) and the war has indeed spilled into Europe as well as here at home. They may be someone’s proxy but make no mistake they are also very much their own animal. Might as well learn a thing or two before going toe to toe with something so many don’t understand. Ditto for asymmetric warfare against an occupying force.”

Now, balance what you read in what Brushbeater presents with what your NPT’s capabilities are….and then take a step back and evaluate your training plan.  If you want/need help, send us a note.


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