6 comments on “Product Review: Ballistol

  1. A buddy of mine hooked me up with the wipes. I now have 2 cans and I keep the wipes in go bags. This stuff is indeed awesome. My everyday carry glock 19 looks fresh out of the box new after just a few minutes.

  2. Funny thing is it all works. The new products I think are all gimmicks formulated sweet smelling Eco friendly vegetable oil beeswax what have you. I use what is at walmart be it break free rem oil or hoppes. In a pinch hi temp bearing grease or motor oil works. Many lube related gun failures are do to too much lube. I have heard that no lube at times may be preferable. My preference is CLP a toothbrush boresnake and alcohol for cleaning and lubrication. I like Hoppes on my pistols because it stays put.

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