Time for a Little Motivation….

Or not…depending on where you’re at.  Wirecutter got me to thinking about the Gurkhas the other day with a comment of his.

Meet the prospective Gurkhas….you know, the guys with the knives?    Yeah…those guys.  Like the one in the pic below.



Not all Nepalese youths who volunteer actually make it into the unit.  Check out their PT selecttion…complete with their home made, ‘ruck’ full of rocks.  Oh yeah….they run with these things….a lot.  And that’s just during their selection.  Note all the spiffy uniforms and equipment:  A basket, rocks, their own clothes and shoes.  Nice.

These guys earn their knives…and respect.  Look at this one:

gurkha 2

Now THAT is a guy who is ‘all in.’ Here’s the story.

Makes me look at my own PT program and try to figure out how I can get a bit better.  Yes, I know they’re in their early 20’s.  I also know that whoever comes at my ‘precious cargo’ might be training harder than I am.

Now, to be sure, I’m not knocking the training of our own hard core types in all our branches, civilian schools, and local NPT’s; I am simply in open admiration of their ethos and morale expressed in their motto:

‘Better to die than to live and be a coward!’

Gotta get more of that ethos into the ‘hearts and minds’ of our communities.


2 thoughts on “Time for a Little Motivation….

  1. Echo 9

    Have you heard of the story of Gurkha Bishnu Shrestha ? he was a retired Corporal that was taking the train when it was attacked by 40 robbers. They attempted to rape a 18 year old girl in front of her parents and he sprung into action. He drew his blade and ended the attack killing most of the robbers. He was brought back to active duty to be promoted and awarded medals for bravery. A true man among men.

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