9 comments on “On the South Carolina Murders…

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  2. In our area, it’s not against the law to defend a congregation; it just takes the pastor’s express written permission to carry on church property. It’s too bad state law elsewhere prohibits self defense.

  3. I live in the upstate of South Carolina. First of all, while some of the facts coming out don’t jive in my gut ( I believe he was on pills and I believe someone put the thoughts in his head) I am actually proud of my state. While Ferguson and Baltimore burned, Charleston came together, people of all races. Also, while the President read from scripted notes, the Governor spoke from his heart about the situation. That all being said, I hope people realize that they are each and every one in charge of their own safety.

  4. I meant to say that the governor spoke from HER heart. Been a long week. I hate to say it but I believe we will see more of this stupid senseless violence as things spiral .

  5. It seems Black Lives Matter and Code Pink are in Charleston trying to stir things up. A confederate memorial was spray painted with black lives matter graffiti. We here in South Carolina have come a long way from the old dark days and are handling things in an adult manner. But our tolerance of outsiders damaging our things is small. We like to handle our own stuff here. The cop who shot the unarmed man, arrested and charged. This sick kid arrested and charged. Case closed. Go home liberal troublemaking scum.

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