16 comments on “Essential Skills: Cornerstones of an Effective NPT

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  2. well-said

    DO IT!

    add a dose of panache
    avec elan
    mit schwung
    allegro con brio

  3. Don’t want to criticize you, but offer some advice of my own. I know you get a lot of ex-military here, as well as many others who understand what your blog is all about. But I am ex-military, and I ignored the last five articles you wrote, because I didn’t know what NPT was either. It would be a helpful thing to have a side line marked “Quick Reference of Terms and Abbreviations” for readers to consult and have a better understanding of what is said here. For instance, I saw GOOD on the right sidebar, but it doesn’t tell me anything, because it’s just another baffling acronym. Imagine if you will, a future leader, female, untrained and unused to the acronyms flying around, and no where to get an understanding. Or the guy who is half way there to being a hell of leader, getting bored and leaving because he just had it up to here with the mumbo jumbo. I taught a wide variety of classes over many years on subjects tactical and strategic, in the military. In order to get, and hold, your students or even casual observers attention, show them everything you’re talking about, even if it’s what FUBAR means. (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) That is, if you’re serious about what you’re doing, and the subjects and writing indicate you are. Other wise, FUBAR.

  4. Thanks; appreciate you bringing the point up. Assumptions of understanding will be summarily shit-canned. We don’t want a case of SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up), either. 🙂

  5. I might be wrong, but the way i learned it was, for ShitStom Escalation:


    SNAFU = Situation Normal, All Fucked Up
    This is when you had a “Good Plan”, but it just got “modified”. Example: You just jumped out of the helicopter, and the “hard dirt” that you were supposed to land in, turns out to be mud. Over your knees. Now the “30 Seconds”, we estimated to clear the drop off point and get into the woods is going to take “at least a few minutes”.

    TARFU = Thing are REALLY Fucked Up!
    You may not refer back to “The Plan” anymore. You are not dead yet, but if you don’t do something soon, you will be. Example: Now you realize the Muddy Field you were dropped in is mined, the helos have left, your radio does not work, oh, and it is not even the field you were supposed to be dropped in…

    FUBAR = Fucked Up, Beyond All Repair
    There is no “Plan”. Your only chance is to survive, and the window is closing on that. Example: You are without cover, and a fortified enemy just opened up on your patrol, in the above mentioned field…

    Hope this is informative.

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