2 comments on “Doing Something Productive – It’s ALL the Rage!

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  2. “Stay positive; stay focused; stay productive.” These actions should be taking place every day , in good times and bad. This is how a true proponent of liberty and freedom should be living their lives. Your knowledge and abilities must be taught and passed on to the younger generations. Be selective in your rationing of your time and energy. It is a valuable commodity. It may be the only commodity with a true value. True morals and values have no room for compromise and negotiation. Get in the mode of calling people on their bullshit and hogwash. Remove the lying scumbag influence from your life and those around you that can be polluted. The boob tube should be on the top of your list. Concentrate on the positives and the attainable. It does not matter if the Big Ugly happens tomorrow or ten years from now. You will have lived a good life.

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