Short-Term Preparedness – Possible vs. Probable

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Emergencies – What’s possible? What’s Probable?

If you ask a random sample of preparedness-minded people about SHTF, the topic gravitates toward the long-term disaster situation vs. short term emergencies. There always seems to be a trend for preparing against the most extreme SHTF situation, vs. the one that’s most probable to happen, and the most probable situation to catch one with their “pants down”. Preparing for the most extreme disaster gets the most attention because of the thought – “If I can lift 250 lbs, I can certainly lift 125 lbs”. While this is true in theory, when an emergency happens, you just can’t have much influence over the environmental factors present while lifting the proverbial “weight”. It’s the environmental factors that make handling something as simple as a car breakdown very, very tough in the middle of a riot. Here’s another example: It’s great that I have 10 years…

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