Grid Down Laundry: Not Expensive at All!

Clean clothes; not always appreciated until one must live in the same clothes for weeks….or longer.  From a grid down perspective, the following article provides the NPT a method to make life a lot more comfortable, providing you have a good water supply and some laundry soap.  As an aside, for a more natural soap, one might try mixing grated Fels Naptha with an equal amount of Borax powder.  No perfumes, no UV brighteners, just good old fashioned soap that will clean your clothing.

See the full article here.

“Even though modern washing machines tend to be big, noisy, and use a lot of water, they operate on the same principles as the bucket washer. Essentially, a central agitator swishes the water and clothes around, which causes the dirt to be released from the fabric.

Soap aids in the process because one end of the soap molecule attaches to dirt, while the other attaches to the water. As the water agitates, soap them “pulls” the dirt from your clothes.  For this particular design, a simple plunger acts as the agitator. You will find it much easier to use than a scrub board or a nearby rock sitting in a stream.

Tools You Need:

  • Drill
  • Spade bit or round hole bit
  • General purpose bit


  • 1 plunger
  • 2 – 5 gallon buckets. You can also use bigger buckets or trash pails as long as you can get a long enough handle for the plunger
  • 1 – 5 gallon bucket lid”

1 thought on “Grid Down Laundry: Not Expensive at All!

  1. LFMayor

    I read one take on this design where they used a prescription pill bottle, the brown kind with the white plastic cap, to make a baffle for the hole in the bucket lid. Cut the bottom off the bottle and drill the center of the cap so that the plunger handle fits through, then re-assemble it with the cap on the top face of the bucket lid using the extended “non child-proof” side, the body of the pill bottle extends into the laundry bucket to act as a trap baffle and prevent suds and water from venting out as easily.

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