One comment on “A Sad Day….

  1. That’s too bad. Getting burned out sucks and no one is immune.
    Here’s some points of interest that I took out of the linked post:

    – I’m also forced to ask this question: Does math really matter? It appears not; despite what’s clear and evident you keep buying, you keep producing, you keep paying taxes and running on the hamster wheel. And I believe you’ll keep doing it too, even when you literally die from the effort and lack of renumeration.

    – In the end today I’ve come to the conclusion that the answer to “is it worth it” is No.

    – Here’s the question, when all is said and done, that I’ve asked myself since I began writing this column: Is there a point?

    My questions are these: What’s the misson? The mission HAS to be defined in very specific terms. Is the mission “waking people up”? Is it educating the people that are newly “awake” to the corruption taking place in this country? How does one measure the success of the mission?
    Interestingly in my experience, not only are more only folks “waking up” every day, but folks are learning to mitigate the plunder of wealth the best they can. They are quietly learning skills that bring value to rebuild wealth and restore local economies in the case of collapse. They prep their families and communities for an impending financial collapse in doing so. Making more of those types of people IS WORTH IT – if one believes in the righteousness of their cause.

    I was trained to guard myself against defeatism and crawl my sorry ass toward that “finish line” if necessary, even if it meant one finger at a time. I’m not on a soapbox either, I deal with fighting defeatism every day just like any other guy.

    Every so often we witness another blogger subscribe to (admittedly) defeatism and “go dark”. Which is fine. When you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough, it’s his or her choice to ring that bell. Maybe his or her mission is over, maybe it’s not. I was lucky enough to start working for a company that embraces the mission above the “suck meter”. And here’s the mission folks (because it sure as shit isn’t about the monetary compensation for our time – trust me): The mission is to help prepare good people to rebuild and protect their communities should a collapse or SHTF happen. That’s it. Full stop – as it’s been said.

    The mission goes above indulgence in personal grudges, ego and internet arguing. It goes above one’s “I don’t give a shit today” meter and “everything is pointless” rants. There’s someone who’s new to prepping their family for hard times – either in self-defense of body, wealth or property. And although the Subject Matter Expert blogger may have burned themselves out saying it a million times, the nugget of wisdom being put out today, might be the first time the “new guy” has ever heard it. It’s hard to tell how many lives he/she will affect down the line with that wisdom.
    The point of all this: First this is not a judgement on Karl Denninger. I don’t know him.
    There will come a time for the newly inspired, that they just don’t give a shit anymore because everyone around them seems to be vacillating and happy in their “shackles” of plundered wealth , reality TV and bon-bons.

    But there’s a guy down the metaphorical street, that doesn’t know what you know. He’s about to learn something new and pass that torch to people that could really use it. To quote Tom@DTG on small unit leadership – “you may not be thanked for a long time, but your efforts will be apparent to your (community, men, team, family)”

    That’s something to think about the next time the “give a shit meter” spikes.

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