Random Thoughts on ISIS, Ammo Shortages, and Maintaining Skills

The following two images should erase any doubt whatsoever for the need to form or join a local Neighborhood Protection Team (NPT).  These incidents are (not might) coming to the continental United States.


Approximately 80% of the country still identifies themselves as ‘Christian.’  Read the caption above and substitute, “Baptist,” “Catholic,” “Methodist,” “Episcopalian,” “Non-Denominational,” etc, for ‘Egyptian’.  If you’re not the religious type, know that their version of ‘inclusiveness’ excludes any of the lifestyles currently enjoyed here in the USA.  Fill in the blank and you can pretty well be assured that your personal pet lifestyle is considered to be an abomination worthy of death to these people.

These guys want to have this kind of parade in your home town.  They want to cut your head off.  They want to cut off your children’s heads.  Your spouses heads.  Your mothers, fathers, siblings, cousins, grandparents heads.

This is not hyperbole.  This is from their own statements and writings.  This is what is coming here.  You cannot hold yourself as uninformed.



I’m curious…do you think there’s a function within ISIS or anywhere in the ‘Caliphate’ (so-called) that is attempting to curtail the supply of ammunition to their people?  I wonder if the people pictured above have any concerns over the inability to acquire ammunition.


There’s a good reason to write your elected representative and BATFE and courteously demand this nonsensical denial of commonly available ammunition to American citizens:  Our inherent right to self-defense and the tools with which to carry out that defense against people like the ones above who wish to cut off our heads.  If you’re going to write them (which you should), do not lose your temper, make veiled or blatant threats, or otherwise help them in their mission.  Be professional and courteous.  Every letter and phone call to your elected representative presented in a courteous, professional, polite but direct manner works wonders for the goal of defeating this initiative.

So…as the current shortage of common ammunition continues, think about increasing your dry fire practice and cutting your range time down to 4 times a year and limiting your consumption to what you need instead of what you want to expend.  Example:  I’ll shoot twice this year on a square range and perform an AQT type course of fire along with a “No Default Response” drill expending no more than 100 rounds for each event and then twice on a fire and movement range with no more than 75 rounds for each event.  350 rounds for the year, coupled with regular dry fire.  That’s a significant drop, as I try to shoot about 1K rounds annually.  YMMV.

What are your ideas to keep your skills up while conserving your personal supply?



3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on ISIS, Ammo Shortages, and Maintaining Skills

  1. R & D - DTG

    There is also the option of purchasing rounds like the Fiocchi 62 gr. FMJBT for practice. Rounds that fit similar BC and weight will correspond to optics zeroed to the M855 round while still affording the ability the number of rounds in training desired.

    Yes rounds like this are .223 and not 5.56, and yes there will be slight differences in POA/POI, but not enough to hinder typical self-defense / marksmanship training.

    There’s no such thing as too much dry fire though ! 🙂

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