12 comments on “8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately!!!

  1. The source for the information maligning the 8 beers is questionable at best,as was pointed out in the comments with this link…


    The HFCS false information is getting old-the human body can not tell if it is consuming HFCS,cane sugar,honey,maple syrup,or beet sugar. Any sugar consumed is broken down by the body into glucose and sucrose-any sugar. That includes HFCS that is not high fructose in the first place,that claim was a marketing ploy back when corn syrup was being promoted as a replacement for refined white sugar in commercial food and beverage manufacturing.
    Companies adding the stuff to a wide assortment of products is an issue,as many people do not realize how much sugar they are consuming by eating prepared foods.
    Your body can not tell the difference-sugar is sugar,and too much of it is bad for you.
    Then there’s all the hysterical claims about GMO corn/corn syrup-99% of which are just that-hysteria,not based in science,based on emotions,and heavily promoted by the environmental zealots.
    There has never been a single credible study that showed any link whatsoever to any ill effect on human health from GMO corn or soybean based products-not one.
    One of the biggest purveyors of anti-GMO nonsense is Mike Adams and his natural News website…


    As with most things-follow the $$$ Mr. Adams sells a line of “natural health” products, and sells them by spreading fear of GMO’s-just read the above blog post from Discover.

  2. Drink what you want, it’s your business, and IMHO you don’t know what you don’t know…and that’s fine. For those of us who don’t like the crap ‘big agra’ and ‘big pharma’ want to shove into our systems, the post is good information. Besides, we at DTG are dyed in the wool beer snobs.

    Have a nice day.

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  4. Except that I am allergic to HFCS. If I eat or drink it within twenty mins I am on the toilet with gripping diarrhea. Took me years to figure out what the problem was. I had thought it was IBS until I finally noticed the connection. Honey, sugar, and fructose don’t do that to me.

  5. As beer snobs you know of course that “fish bladder” is isinglass, which is probably used to fine your foofy beers. I think Gamegetter’s skepticism is justified.

  6. the germans banned gmo as have others. their SCIENTISTS have proven gmo can be transferred to humans through consumption and that hfcs is bad for you. foods that produce their own herbicide and insecticide can not be good for you. that’s just common sense.

  7. Then you must be having that reaction to a preservative,or something else in the HFCS,because no matter what form of sugar your body ingests,it breaks it down into glucose and sucrose.
    Could also be some other additive is causing the problem. People have been eating pecan pies for years-with very,very few having a reaction of any kind-for years before corn syrup was added to everything.
    Corn syrup used to brew alcohol would have no effect on you,because yeast breaks down sugars-from any source to make alcohol-and the chemical formula remains the same-no matter the source of the sugar.
    Does your doctor agree it’s the corn syrup that’s the problem-or that it’s something else in the corn syrup-or whatever the other products are?

  8. Any word on 211 Steel Reserve? Being the favorite of chronic inebriates everywhere must say something about it, but I’m not sure what.

  9. Nope…nothing that we’ve heard of, beer or ratings….but then again, my favorite brewery, “Griffin’s Claw” has a ‘Imperial Bourbon Stout’ that is really nice, but not very prolific…

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