26 comments on “NPT Success Depends on Perceived Legitimacy

  1. I just heard of this book last weekend at PATCON here in NC. What happened? Site parked and none available in print. What happened to the authors? Any insight?

  2. Wow.
    I had planned to order a couple more, looks like what I’ve got is what I’ve got.

  3. Wow. I had just my wife that I wanted to order this book this weekend. Oh well. I will have to keep up to date with it.

  4. My question is how is it that the digital copies aren’t available? Would be interesting to hear from the authors. Were they asked to remove it from the market place?

  5. This is a must have along with Max V’s Contact! The authors describe tactics in a way that even us non .Mil types can understand.

  6. Are there any groups actually doing this currently? Could you provide examples?

  7. Yes, from what we hear, there are, though not many. That’s the point of the post. Getting off the dime and starting to build legitimacy now. The groups we know about don’t like publicity on the net, so we won’t ID them.

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  9. That link kicks me over to Amazon with the new price…$499! Dear God!

    Self-Heimlich maneuver in 3…2..1…

  10. Patience is the key on the book issue…Another book to have on the shelf is Mosby’s…

  11. Those in the parts of the country where it snows-it’s a good idea to shovel snow for the old folks in your neighborhood,and not accept payment. Helps get to know your neighbors,and shows them you are trying to help the people in your neighborhood,do the same with raking leaves,cleaning gutters,in summer,ask if they need mulch spread,or other yardwork done that’s hard for old folks to do. Offer to paint the wood trim on their homes-if there is any-just offering makes a good impression.
    If your in the trades,or good at repairing stuff,ask if they want you to fix/repair things that you can see need work.
    For major repairs-you can’t really do all the work for free-but you can do the work for free-but you ca do it for a fraction of the cost of them hiring a contractor. Of course you do have to know exactly what you are doing in order to do major repairs on a home-especially someone else’s home.
    I’ve done these things in my neighborhood,and am great terms with the neighbors,have had discussions about SHTF situations with many of them,and they are all for our small group helping to secure the neighborhood.
    That’s what we all should be doing-gaining the trust and respect of our neighbors.

  12. *****”you can’t really do all the work for free-but you can do the work for free-but you ca do it for a fraction of the cost of them hiring a contractor.”*****

    That fustercluck should read…
    You can’t really do the work for free,but you can do the work for a fraction of the cost…

  13. Good stuff here. I have been reading different parts of the book over and over. My oldest boy has been reading through it as well. My parents were looking at it when they visited over the Christmas holiday. I would almost consider buying another copy when it becomes available to laminate and put into a binder.

  14. Thanks for stopping by! If we hear anything on AFOC being available, we’ll point everyone we can toward it! Glad to see your son is learning, too! It’s good to know that, “The Way of Men,” (book by Jack Donovan) is still being taught!!

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