4 comments on “The Zombiefication Of America

  1. “our public schools have essentially become government indoctrination centers that train our children to let “the matrix” do their thinking for them. They are taught that they are just highly evolved animals that are here only as the result of a giant cosmic accident, and that morality and values are all relative.”

    I’ve been saying almost the same thing for years,only I call our K-12 public schools leftist indoctrination camps.
    When the 60’s ended,hippies and other assorted warped individuals finally had to do something to earn money besides making tie-dyed t-shirts and selling them at grateful dead concerts.
    As the saying goes-those who can’t do teach. All the socialists,Marxists,etc had been hanging out on college campuses for years as professional students,taking the bare minimum of classes,when it was time for them to get jobs-they became teachers and took over public education in America. They worked to remove all references to Christianity,re-wrote the history of America,and started teaching their warped version of reality.
    Now we are seeing the results of the indoctrination of our kids.

  2. “As the saying goes-those who can’t do teach.” I’d say, based on everything in your comment after that oft-used (albeit untrue) axiom contradicts it completely. The Socialists/Marxists ‘did it’ very, very well, according to their agenda, and now we’re seeing the results of that effort. Those who didn’t ‘do’ anything are the parents who fell for what was being sold as ‘education’ under the guise of feminism and permissiveness, but that’s my view. If you are interested, you might get a copy of John Taylor Gatto’s book, “The Underground History of American Education” for a great perspective that really lines out the who, what, why and when of our imploding “education” system.

  3. Okay,I didn’t articulate that one very well,my fault.
    My father was a college professor,he was also a hunter,target shooter,hiked all over the mountain west,built an addition on a home we lived in,grew a garden,my mom canned the veggies-so I should have used something besides the those that can’t do teach.
    You’re right-the rest of the comment contradicts that saying.
    My parents caught the bs schools were doing back when I was in high school in the 70’s.
    I’ll agree the parents who went along with the bs are part of the problem-but so are those who taught our kids to be zombies. I had plenty of discussions with our kid’s teachers over the garbage they were teaching them.
    Either way-we agree that we are seeing the results of the indoctrination now.
    I’ll see if I can find a copy of the book-our library system here is great-and they will get books on loan from other branches for me. Christmas presents for our kids and grandkids took care of any spare cash-or change for that matter.

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