3 comments on “New Year’s Resolution Suggestion: Set Up Your LBE for ‘Extended NPT Operations’

  1. Excellent article with a lot to consider in all of our kit setups. I would find it interesting to see an article concerning “budget” gear versus “quality” gear. I have read plenty of other articles on the same topic, but I would be interested to see what you all’s thoughts are.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Basically, out advice in a nutshell is get the very best you can afford. Doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest; it needs to be the best quality the buyer can afford. We’re all about finding good, used, high quality gear at less than retail prices.

    What we don’t do is confuse “cheaply made” with”inexpensive”.

    It’s all about priorities. We don’t want out gear failing at an inopportune time…

  3. If you find yourself in-possession of useful gear that seems to be not sturdy enough or doesn’t fit right, improve it! Look at the best equipment and make notes. Copy what works.

    First, do repairs. Singe edges of fraying nylon material after trimming strings. Look at seams for stretching/opening. Get some spools of strong upholstery thread (for example: Coats & Clark 100% nylon Art. S964 L2 Color 8969, brown- very strong- will cut flesh before breaking, about $3.00) and make repairs. An “automatic” awl (spool of thread in handle) will help make strong flat stitches in thick/tough materials. You will bleed a little on your equipment.

    Spray paint is the best way to re-color nylon material. It slightly waterproofs, and will keep punctures from fraying to holes or tears until you can patch. Paint covers repairs. Flat primer and flat earth tones are effective. Avoid gloss/semi-gloss as well as unnatural colors with sharply masked patterns.

    Thrift stores are a good source of materials. Your time and improving-skill can substitute for a bunch of funds.

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