6 comments on “Training the Trainer: Fundamentals – What the Trainer is NOT!

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  2. Thank you for this. Those of us amateurs “on the path” are taking courses for our benefit based on the instructors exp. knowledge and training. I show up like a sponge wanting to absorb any and all info and tactics that will benefit me and mine. Mistakes will be made; that I will and do learn from; better during course instruction, than when it really counts. I pay hard earned $ for critical training and correction as needed, not catering to an ego for belittlement or condescension. Spot on reminder.
    Thank you again.
    And if it all goes to hell, we’re on the same side.

  3. While a drill Sgt. in the Army, it soon became evident to me that screaming and deriding and otherwise harassing my platoon had the opposite effect desired. Once I understood the true nature of training, which is teaching, things got better for them, and me. You don’t have to coddle them, and you don’t have to brutalize them either. You have to gain their trust and respect by: Knowing your subject, and yourself: Teach to the standards indicated, with an eye towards innovation and correction of errors:Have the trainee execute and practice the task: Note their progress, and provide feedback about results and observations. It winds up being a very exhausting and boring job, and one very difficult to achieve a professional performance, over time. But use your imagination, and LISTEN to your students, and work at it with the attitude you can have fun too. Always question, always analyze, always seek excellence, never stop improving. To be sure, you can only improve so far. But keep it interesting and fun if possible, and watch them little nippers soar. Your best efforts, you will not see the results of, but THEY will, and the important thing to take away from being a trainer is that you did your best, the rest is in G*ds’ hands.

  4. Another thank you. I attend a marksmanship training event event regularly, and nearly every time I’m put off by someone trying to emulate Mr Ermey in the movies. They’d do a lot better to take the position you encourage.

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