4 comments on “Training the Trainer – The Cornerstone of Quality Instruction is Actually Knowing how to TEACH!

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  2. Very good points made throughout. Individual competence does not assure that one will be an effective or successful instructor. Conducting specific sessions to teach the ability to teach is an excellent idea. I think we’ve all seen someone that was without a doubt, highly skilled and capable in some field that couldn’t effectively transfer that skill to others.

  3. Don’t mess with success.

    Military education and training may not be the most leisurely and enjoyable experience, but it is the most cost and time-effective way to transmit the fundamental knowledge. I’ve seen this work on folks who are smart-enough, but at any stage of education (4th grade reading level to college reading level). “Stripped to basics, objective-focused” is how I would describe military schools, especially when compared to civilian schools that include social agendae and minimal “difficult” curriculum (to make sure that the tuition/debt pipeline keeps flowing).

    Military training builds skills in batches that are intended to make an individual competent (not get hurt, not wreck things) at a certain level, so that they can be operationally-useful. If a mechanic can only do lube service and understand paperwork after a 4 week school, that’s fine. Get to work on a few months of OJT (being useful) and a 5-level school can be scheduled when that works out well. Rinse, repeat.

    Advanced skill training is usually transmitted by experts to small groups/individuals. The time available from instructors is limited, so they restrict “class” to those who have been filtered by early schools and personal achievement. Individuals can complete self-study courses and be prepared to absorb the important fine details during contact with experts. Better Unions do this as “apprenticeships”. Training subject-matter experts in “how to train” will greatly increase effectiveness (I agree with your assertion). It won’t take 2 years to get a State Teaching Credential to be effective.

    Public schools are not useful at their alleged primary job of education. They do a great job of letting Mom get a job 6 hours a day without paying for day-care. The multi-generational losses in culture and civilization are incalculable. Bright kids know they are being warehoused and their lives wasted. The immediate cost in dollars is huge (fraud at every level “for the chillin”). What could a family do with $14,500 per child per year if they could direct that funding to genuine training/education/learning? Why aren’t there schools of 16 (teacher w/ driver-helper, 18-passenger van, 32 parents) doing intensive education with students who want to and can handle it? FUD: who benefits?

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