One comment on “Networking and Legitimacy Equals ‘Boots on the Ground’

  1. It’s also helpful to rake leaves,shovel snow,etc. for any elderly people in your neighborhood.
    Offer to take them to the grocery store or a Dr’s appt if you live where the roads are shit in the winter because the guys from the city/county/state that drive the plows are all having coffee and breakfast at IHOP-rather than plowing the roads.
    You would be surprised by how many are just as pissed off at the loss of freedoms.
    These people could end up being the ones who have a bunch of food stocked up,or know some “old school” ways of doing things that are very useful in any kind of SHTF situation.
    Or… they could have the home that is located such that it makes the best place to be able to defend,or the best “HQ”, or the guy was a machinist,and has a lathe,milling machine, a couple welders,and other assorted machinery is his garage.
    You’ll never know if you don’t talk to people.
    Just about everyone has a skill or two that most others do not have,or has tools,machinery that most of us don’t have-everyone can contribute something.

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