2 comments on “More People Killed with Fire, Feet, and Fists than by ‘Active Shooters’?? Duh.

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  2. UPDATE: Initial comment which was subsequently cleared: “Other things to consider: (1) Once an officer starts firing, he must shoot to kill. That is, once he’s made the decision that his life is at risk, he can no longer calibrate the response because, until the other person is down on the ground and not moving, it is impossible for the officer to determine whether the risk is over. (2) Only someone too dumb to live or intent upon committing suicide by cop (or perhaps anesthetized by pot and the adrenalin thrill of a strong arm robbery) attacks an armed police officer, especially one aiming a gun at him. (3) An enraged huge person is a lethal weapon and, in America, a more deadly one than rifle fire. “

    Couple of things come to mind reading your comment in context to the article it was posted against:

    Precisely what your comment has to do with the original article is in question. More importantly, ‘shooting to kill’ with a sidearm is not congruent with training norms today in either law enforcement or civilian training circles. Currently, “shooting to stop the threat” is the basis of firearms training. Further, your reasoning on determination of life at risk negating response calibration indicates a ‘one size fits all’ response, which, in your explatation, is tantamount to execution. If this were so, why are LEO’s provided with tasers and other non-lethal methods? Lastly, your statement, ‘an enraged huge person is a lethal weapon…more deadly than rifle fire.’ is a fallacy on its face.

    Next time you come here to comment, we’d ask that you, A: Keep your comments on subject and B: Do more than spout off garbage.

    Have a very DTG day.

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