Registration CLOSES 12 SEP for Train the Trainer 1 – 18 – 21 September 2014


Due to notes of inquirey, registration has been extended, but will close at 0001, 12 Sept 14. If you want to attend, you can still make sure your slot is secured by doing one of two things:

First, send an email to us telling us that you are coming, and your 50% non-refundable deposit has been sent to:

Defensive Training Group,LLC

PO Box 962

Birimingham, MI 48012

Upon arrival, you must complete the transaction by paying any remaining fees.

Secondly, you may also send an email confirming your attendance, and pay the full amount upon arrival.

In both cases, recommended pack lists and other required documentation will be sent to your email.

Do this ASAP.

Discounts:  IIIPSFA members will receive 15% off course fees.

See you in the field.


Which would YOU rather be?  The zebra or the lion?  If you don’t get the training you need, you ain’t going to be the lion, that’s for sure.  First step:  Click on the link and join the III Percent Society for America.  Second step:  Send a note to DTG and confirm your slot.  Novice or experienced, you’ll be glad you came.

Young Lions eating Zebra

III Percent Society for America members receive 15% off course fees.

III Society Logo

Send inquiry to:  ‘’ , Subject Line:  Essential Skills

The following subjects/skills will be covered:

Effective Wear of Clothing in the Field
Complete LBE & Ruck Walk
Efficient Ruck Sack Packing
Edged Weapon Sharpening/Maintenance & Defensive Use Orientation & Familiarization
Primitive Adaptation Skills Review: Shelter, Fire, Water & Basic Land Navigation
Camouflage & Concealment of Self and Equipment
Individual Movement & Team Movement Technique Practicum
Concepts of Tactical Defense
Living in the Field
Hasty Fortifications aka ‘Digging In’ and Using Micro-Terrain
Security Patrolling Concepts & Principles & Recon Patrol Practicum
Adverse Condition Q&D AQT

Class starts at noon on Thursday, 18 September and ends between 1100 & 1200 on Sunday, 21 September.

Suggested pre-requisite reading:  “A Failure of Civility” by Jack Lawson and Mike Garand.  DTG’s training is designed to equip the Neighborhood Protection Team leader with what he or she will need to do their job in a WROL/SHTF scenario.

Cost:  $400 per person;   IIIPSFA single registrants $60 off ($340) Non-IIIPSFA Buddy team confirmed registration – $375 eac ($50 off total!), 4 Person NPT confirmed registration – $350 each ($200 off total!).  Price lowering reflects contemporary situations/news on various OPFOR getting ready to go ‘hot’ on US soil.  That’s the best I can do…

Location:  Near Cheboygan, Michigan

Upon confirmed registration, a recommended pack list and other necessary documentation will be sent.


13 thoughts on “Registration CLOSES 12 SEP for Train the Trainer 1 – 18 – 21 September 2014

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  5. Ray

    Redacted by Site Admin as irrelevant to the post.

    “I’m gone and won’t comment here anymore” – Ray

  6. Defensive Training Group Post author

    Ray – If you’d like to write us at to discuss your opinion on people, you are welcome to. We only approve comments that are relevant to the post. This post is about training availability. If you aren’t coming here anymore, from what we’ve seen of you on other sites, you’re doing us a favor. Have a very DTG day.

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  10. lineman

    I wish he would do the same over at WRSA also…He is a demented old man that is miserable and wants to drag everyone down in the mud with him…

  11. gamegetterII

    You have to push yourself through the pain of difficult situations,I just got back from 5 days of scouting hunting locations,setting up blinds,and doing some serious target shooting. Humping all that shit in the woods is getting harder every year-and I work out 5 days a week.
    Those who are slugs that sit on the couch and watch TV are in for a hell of a shock.
    Cutting trees-lots of standing dead ash trees-splitting wood,hauling water,digging a latrine-it’s work.
    It never gets easier-you just get used to it.
    It’s a thousand times better to already be used to it-than it is to suddenly find yourself,and your family in a similar situation.

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