The Importance Of The Right Label

What JC said….

Mason Dixon Tactical

5 August, 2014


As a Kid of 12, I had already labeled myself a “Survivalist”. I watched “The Day After” and knew I had to learn how to survive such a catostrophic event.  I had a desire to learn all I could about every facet of self sufficiency, whether It was fighting the Ruskies (Ala, “Red Dawn”) with small unit tactics, and running a highly efficient combat rifle, or gardening, and hydroponics. My first issue of a survival magazine, did nothing but wet my appetite to fulfill these desires. Here’s a pic of that first issue (yes, I still have it, ask Mosby)


The term “Survivalist” became a term that was used, abused and distorted by liberals and their minions in the 80’s, and was used anytime a group with nefarious intentions (neo nazi’s, etc.) was in the news. I remember watching a 20/20 segment on “Survivalists”, and even…

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