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Valid ISIS Threat in US?! Data Sources are Supporting the Assertion


A couple of pieces relating to getting yourself to DTG for some Essential Skills training:

Fmr. Homeland Security Adviser: ‘Very, Very True’ ISIS May Have Crossed Border

Photo implies ISIS threat to Chicago

Photo implies ISIS threat to Chicago

First, it could be Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, St. Louis, Omaha, LA, Spokane, or any major city.  So if you’re out there thinking, ‘Well, it’s not in my backyard, so I still have some time….”, you’re living on another planet.

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A subtle message to ISIS

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“As I sit here constantly hearing and watching you execute innocent men, women and children in the Middle East I chuckle. Why do I chuckle you may ask? Well let me explain something to you cowardice fools who think you are so tough behind all your propaganda videos. You are scaring a population that doesn’t know how to fight, you’re bullying the weak. You say Islam is the religion of peace,but since when does terrorizing the innocent and beheading men, women and children constitute peace? WTF? But keep in mind, what did Saddam’s troops do when we came rolling into town? They surrendered, twice… So all your empty threats of coming to America and raising your flag over the White House amuse me more than any of you sick, sadistic bastards could ever imagine or comprehend. In 2012 there was about 21.2 million veterans in the United States. Do you…

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It’s All About Our Safety!!!



You know, the detectors, the requirement of absolute identification, the ‘pat downs’, all those guys….except, of course, if you’re an ILLEGAL ALIEN.  Emphasis added.


TSA Admits Lying About Illegal Aliens Flying Without Proper ID

HOUSTON, Texas — A new letter from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) admits that illegal aliens were being allowed to board planes using Notice to Appear forms they received after entering the U.S. illegally. The revelation directly contradicts a TSA statement last month denying such allegations to various media outlets, including Breitbart News. In July Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby broke the news that the TSA was letting illegal aliens board planes using Notice to Appear forms; subsequently, a TSA spokesperson publicly attacked Darby on Twitter, insisting that his report was “completely wrong.”

The newly-surfaced TSA letter was penned on August 7, according to the Gateway Pundit. It was reportedly sent from the TSA to Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-TX), a member of the Border Security Caucus. The letter confirms that illegal aliens are being allowed to board planes using a Notice to Appear form (also known as I-862), as Darby revealed in July.

Hector Garza, a spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) told Darby that Notice to Appear forms can “easily be reproduced or manipulated on any home computer. The Notice to Appear form has no photo, anyone can make one and manipulate one. They do not have any security features, no watermark, nothing. They are simply printed on standard copy paper based on the information the illegal alien says is the truth.”

According to the Gateway Pundit, the August 7 letter from the TSA admitted, “If a passenger does not have an acceptable form of identification, then the passenger is allowed to present two other forms of identification. One of the two forms of identification must bear the individual’s name and other identifying information such as photo, address, phone number, social security number, or date of birth. TSA may assess a variety of government issued documents to establish passenger identity. The I-862 form may be used along with another form of identification in this instance.”

It continued, “If a passenger can only present a Form I-862, TSA will attempt to establish the passenger’s identity through DHS partner Components, such as U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).”

Despite the letter’s admissions, the TSA had previously insisted that Darby’s report–which detailed the acceptance of Notice to Appear forms at airports–was untrue.

Ross Feinstein, a press secretary and spokesman of the TSA, took to Twitter to attack Darby and his sources at the NPBC. After claiming that Darby’s report was “completely wrong,” Feinstein falsely complained that no one had “contacted us for a statement and/or info. before publishing story.”

Darby responded to Feinstein, showing a screenshot which proved that he had, indeed, attempt to reach out to the agency via email prior to the publishing of his article.

The TSA continued to deny Darby’s allegations. The agency said in a statement to multiple news outlets, “These reports are false. A Notice to Appear, issued by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), is not an acceptable form of ID at the TSA checkpoint.”

Reacting to the TSA’s letter, Garza told Breitbart Texas, “Ross Feinstein and the TSA higher ups should apologize to the NBPC and to Brandon Darby for reporting the truth. … The men and women of the Border Patrol reported this very serious situation directly to the TSA managers at the Laredo International Airport, but their concerns were ignored by the TSA. Soon after that, the NBPC was notified by Border Patrol agents of what was taking place at the Laredo International Airport and how TSA was allowing illegal aliens to board planes with only a notice to appear and without verifiable identification.”

He continued, “The NBPC informed the American public of this very serious situation through a news article with Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby. If anyone is saying the truth, it is the men and women of the Border Patrol, the NBPC and reporter Brandon Darby for reporting the truth.”

“If the TSA and Ross Feinstein were allowed to continue lying to the American Public, it could have resulted in the next terrorist attack on American soil. We hope that terrorists did not enter our country while TSA was violating these security protocols and while Ross Feinstein continued to deny their actions,” Garza said. “Shame on Ross Feisnten and the TSA for lying to the American Public and for saying that border patrol agents, the NBPC and Brandon Darby were liars.”

The most recent incident is not the first time that the Department of Homeland Security has publicly attacked Darby and the NBPC. On June 4th Breitbart Texas’ Managing Director Brandon Darby broke the news that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would be relocating illegal immigrants from Texas to California. Within moments of that story being published, the official Twitter account of the San Diego CBPtweeted at Darby, insisting the report was “erroneous” and asking for it to be removed from the internet.

Days later the San Diego CBP deleted the tweet from their official account. Subsequent reports, outlining plans to fly immigrants to Southern California, proved CBP had indeed planned the relocation all along.

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How a Feral Gang/Opposing Force Might Come at Your Retreat – Pt III

Rural Defense

In Parts I & II, we briefly looked at the possible POI (Plan of Instruction) that might include a general OPLAN (Operations Plan) of a feral gang/group that is right now, as you read this, training to take your supplies, your weapons, your food, and your women and/or children from you during a SHTF situation. Then we looked at how they might execute the OPLAN. You can review Part I here, and Part II, here.

In Part III, we’re going to look at the minimum activities required to circumvent their activities, or, in plain language, making the cost of attacking your retreat too high.   Predators always factor in the Opportunity Cost of any attack on potential prey. Always. So, you must project enough strength that the predator clearly sees an exorbitant price for initiating an attack.

First things first. And yes, you’ve heard this here, at JC’s, and at Mosby’s and WRSA’s,  and others.

You must be physically fit to withstand the rigors of constant vigilance as well as be able to engage in proactive defensive measures. Being overweight and out of shape is proportionately related to how long you can operate effectively in defensive operations. The more overweight and out of shape you are, the less you can do to ensure the lives and property of your NPT members stays secure and out of the hands of the feral gang/group who is right now salivating at the thought of taking what you have.

So, get your ever-widening ass out from behind the computer every day for a couple hours and melt off the goo. It can be done; ask me how I know.

So, let’s presume you have a good PT program and you’re maintaining your discipline in doing it. You’re strong, you’ve got your wind, and you’re eating right.

Let’s also presume you’ve got a NPT comprised of some good, serious people. This is key: If they aren’t serious, they’ll fold when SHTF. Get them serious. If they won’t, jettison them and get a replacement if possible. If not possible, it’s actually better to be without the liability then to have it with you.

Next step: AO Analysis. You need to know where you’re operating like the back of your hand. You need to know it better than the predator will. The predator will do map studies and a lot of reconnaissance to get himself oriented. You need to analyze the terrain around and in your NPT AO constantly. Every day you need to do something to learn the nuances of where you will defend. Google Earth helps, but isn’t the end all, be all. Get out and examine the land. Every avenue of approach. Every ‘dead’ area (places that you can’t shoot into). Every crappy spot that you wouldn’t want to stay in (because that’s where the predator will hide). Examine your AO from the perspective of the predator:

  • If you were going to take down your own retreat, how would you do it?
  • What would be the best way in (‘best’ meaning, undiscovered by the defenders until it was too late)?
  • What type of attack would overwhelm the defenders quickly with little or no cost to you and your people?
  • When are the NPT defenders least aware of their surroundings?
  • Where are the sentry posts?
    • Are the sentries loud/quiet?
    • Are the sentries alert?
    • Are the sentries nervous (jumpy – giving away their position)?
  • Where would any security patrols lay up in a patrol base?
  • Which likely avenues of approach would a relief force use to aid the retreat under attack?

After answering these (and many other questions that you can come up with by some thoughtful consideration), then you can begin training for the eventuality of attack by a feral group.

For more on intelligence studies, see Sam Culper’s site, here.

Besides SUT (Small Unit Tactics), there are other issues you need to consider (not in any particular order as all are equally important):

  • Mutual Defense Alliances: Other retreats/NPT’s in the general vicinity. If you can get several retreats/NPT’s to agree that an attack on one is an attack on all, and train to that level of operations, you’re ahead of about 99.9% of most. Looking for someone to network with? The III Percent Society for America is one place to look. You can do that as soon as you join. Link is here.  For $10 a month the ROI is multi-faceted!  Do it and kill several birds with one stone!
  • Communications: HAM radio, duress codes, FRS/GMRS, slap flares, anything that indicates an attack on one retreat of the allied NPT’s will do much to increase the cost to the predatory gang/group.  See Sparks31 superb information, here.
  • Aggressive Security Patrolling: In and around your AO. All. The. Time. Even if it’s just a buddy team, an aggressive patrol looking for intruders bent on hostility is essential. These patrols must know who belongs and who doesn’t. They need to be able to discriminate between hostile activity and people moving through the area with no harmful intentions. They need to not be seen by anyone other than your own allied NPT’s. To remain unseen, they need to be well-practiced in patrolling techniques, camouflage, cover, and concealment. They need to be able to use micro-terrain to move. They need to be observant, aware, and most of all, down right serious about their task. High morale (the ability to continue the mission in extreme adversity) is essential. You don’t want any malingerers on your security patrol. They should also have several ‘plays’ in their tool box on how to ‘hit and git’ if necessary. How to keep the predator engaged to buy the retreat time to get into defensive posture throughout the allied AO’s. How to report back any sightings through the SALUTE format (remember, sounding the alarm is part of the Security Patrol’s primary mission) if radio communication is not possible or jammed (that means a runner – which means PTPTPT!!). They should be well-versed in some form of empty hand and/or edged weapon like our FIN (Finish It Now) system or something similar (Sam has a very good series on CQB. You can check it out at his site, here).
  • Effective Command and Control: In the individual patrols, NPT retreats, and overall in the allied AO’s. This has to be hammered out now, before SHTF. This cannot be an ego thing, either. Figure out who’s got the most experience by doing sand table exercises, training together, and if it’s not you, you should gladly subordinate yourself to the one who does. Committees will not keep you safe or win the day. You will need a commander.   Make the best choice possible of the people you have. Make sure the person you pick is humble enough to step down if someone with more expertise comes along. You can bet your last round that the predator group has very rigid lines of command and control. They’ve training together for a long time; they know that if only one guy is left, who’s in command. And they follow their leader’s orders. You might want to consider the ‘bad people’s’ example on this.
  • Weapons Discipline: Know how to shoot, when to shoot and where to shoot. Hips and heads are good areas to focus on. Get your basics down at a ‘square range’ and then get into some field firing. Learn your platform so that it becomes second nature. Learn other platforms as well. Learn everyone’s platform on your NPT. Be able to pick it up and use it effectively.
  • Study: Read and absorb everything you can on strategy, operations, tactics, attack, defense, effective leadership (very, very important) and so forth. You should be reading every chance you get. Take notes.
  • Train: Apply what you’ve learned in your own training exercises. Don’t be afraid of failure. Experiment. Come up with what you believe is ‘the’ plan, and then, once your team has it, do everything you can to beat it. Figure it out.
  • Set a Realistic but Challenging Pace: Don’t burn yourself out in a couple months. Be in this for the long haul. Pace yourself. Life still must be lived, jobs attended, families and friends interacted with, and so forth. But don’t let the lie of our so far, ‘nonSHTF existence’ lull you into a state of apathy where you have all the time in the world.

Now, you’ve got a road map.

The clock is ticking…

Note: Analysis based upon scenarios presented in the book, “Doomsday Marauders,” by Kilkenny. For more information and DTG’s view of this book, go here.

How a Feral Gang/Opposing Force Might Come at Your Retreat – Pt II

Stong Armed Robbery

In Part I, all we covered was the possible POI (Plan of Instruction) or OPLAN (Operations Plan) of a group/gang that is planning to leech off of preppers, NPT’s, or anyone who’s had the foresight to prepare for bad times once SHTF.

In this installment, we’ll speculate at how they might implement the items in Part I.

First, let’s look at the foundation:  Member selection, vetting, and training.  Just as their POI/OPLAN outline has no room for games, so will the leader’s selection, vetting, and training of his/her members (yes, there will be female gang leaders who will be just as vicious if not more than their male counterparts, so count on it).

The best type of personality the leader can hope to get is a border line sociopath.  This person doesn’t feel the same things the same way as ‘normal’ people.  He or she can do things without ever feeling remorse or hesitation, because they aren’t connected emotionally to the world and people around them.  A very informative article on sociopaths and their make up is here.  Sobering, to say the least.  Just this bit of information should provide even more motivation to get off the couch and out of the house doing constructive things to build your NPT as well as starting to look at various people you associate with a more critical eye.

So, from there, the leader gets his four to six people that are Beta (follower) type borderline or full fledged sociopaths that either have former military or law enforcement experience or want to ‘learn the tricks of the trade’.

The training would be most likely different in some aspects of ‘normal’ NPT training in that the feral group may conduct overt criminal activity to ‘get in shape’ as a group.  An example of this might be something like the power plant that was shot up some time back.  It wasn’t until well after the incident that it was described as ‘terrorism’ by ‘a group of snipers’ against a public utility.  It may not have had anything to do with a feral group, but the example of how training may differ is valid.

Once SHTF, this feral group/gang is most likely going to select a primary base of operations is a secure and obsure location, difficult to locate and even more difficult to attack or capture.  It will most likely be located away from their chosen AO(s) but close enough to travel over a period of days either on foot or horseback, possibly even vehicles, depending on resources held.   It will have room for group member expansion, as they recruit or capture people with necessary skill sets or other value (possibly women for sex slavery and children for mundane base maintenance tasks).  So, for awhile, you’re not going to see these people, unless they’ve selected and stocked their base prior to SHTF.  If they have, they’re far more along than most preppers or NPT functions.

The first thing they’re going to do is to begin general reconnaissance operations with a ‘no contact’ rule.  They’re not going to want to be seen or have any issues with anyone.  So, they may just wander the countryside in pairs looking like refugees taking notes on what they see or find.  Interesting sites may have them stopping at gates and asking for a meal or water or something of no value to allow them to get a good mental picture of the possible target while they’re allowed to stand and observe everything and anything in front of them.  (Should you find yourself in the situation of people being at your gate, make sure you observe the ‘refugees’ carefully and have someone watch their actions carefully, because this could be stage one of their target selection.)

After they’ve done this for awhile (anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how many possible targets they find), they’ll regroup and discuss/determine the results of the initial ‘light’ reconnaissance and determine which area/target provides the best opportunities.  Once complete, stage two reconnaissance will begin on one or more targets if they have enough team members.  This detailed reconnaissance will take a week, possibly more.  They won’t want to be seen, but they’ll be after all the information listed in Part I:

  • Observe and understand the demographics, the background, target interaction, timing, things that stand out.
    • Is there anything on this ranch/home/farm/cabin worth having?
    • Is there anything on this ranch/home/farm/cabin worth getting shot at for?
    • How well is it defended?
    • Are there indications of professional military onsite?
    • Does the terrain lend itself to attack or defense?
    • Do the target structures appear to be combustible?
    • Do the avenues of approach favor close attack?
    • Do the avenues of approach provide concealment to close proximity of the target?

When the detailed recon is complete, they’ll move to the temporary patrol base they’ve been using during the recon and follow their next steps:

  • Qualifying the Target(s) – Which target(s) provide the least costly opportunity for attack?
  • Selection – Best target costs the least in risk, ammo, and personnel.
  • Goals for Each Target – What is the desired end result?
  • Planning – Examine all recon Intel on targets and determine which plan is most feasible.
  • Staging – Determining which target is attacked first, second, third, etc, and to what level of destruction.

They’ll take their time with all the tasks listed so far.  This won’t be a ‘fire drill’.  They want to get it right; remember, they’re after YOUR property and YOUR family.  They don’t know what or if you know anything about effective defense.  They’re hoping that YOU sit in your basement or house and think you are impregnable.  If their recon proves this to be true, or indicates it’s true to a large extent, you’ve got trouble.  Remember, these are sociopathic personalities at best, and just plain evil at worst.  They do not fear you, your AR, or your Pit Yorkshire Terrier.  They are looking to take you and your location down.

They’ll start by letting you know they’re around.  Possibly cutting a fence cable, or slitting a car tire, or letting you see them for a few seconds before they disappear in the surrounding terrain while you, with your heart in your throat, run to get your AR (which should be on you at all times, right?).  This is Stage 1 of the attack.

Stage 2 will come in a day or two, even three.  This is when they will start to intimidate you by shooting a vehicle, shooting a few rounds into your retreat structure from different directions, or making sure you are awake 24 hours a day to wear you down.  This stage may last as long as a week.  You’re cut off, you can’t leave, and they own everything around you.  And both you and they know it.

Stage 3 will be their final recon and if they have dogs, they’ll use them to find any ambush you might have decided to execute or booby traps you might have set.  They’ll come in close, basically anywhere they think you might be in hiding waiting to fight them outside your retreat’s perimeter.  When they determine there’s no danger of being hit in the rear once they attack, then they’ll move on to Stage 4.

Stage 4 will be the opening phase of the actual attack.  They’ll initially use suppressing fire on your primary structure where you have your family corraled to keep you inside while they kill any dogs you have and take whatever resources you can’t physically protect.  Like horses in a barn, say, that an assault element can get to without danger of being shot by you.  Then, once that’s accomplished, they’ll tell you (if they’re going to let you live) that they’ll stop if you provide ______________ (fill in the blank).  Once you agree, they might or might not keep their word, remember, they’re sociopaths, and they’re telling you what you want to hear to achieve their goal as cheaply as they can in terms of ammo and personnel loss.

Depending on how things are going and if you’ve capitulated, they’ll move to Stage 5 and assess their progress, determining if they need to pull the plug or finish you off.  Know that if you’ve held out, their ‘break contact’ drill will not be just melting away into the surrounding terrain.  They will be pissed off that they can’t take you down and will try to destroy as much of your property and kill as many of your people as can be seen.  Remember, these won’t be your typical gang-bangers.  Chances are very good that these people can shoot accurately out to the maximum effective ranges of their platforms.  Keep that in mind.

They might give you another ultimatum, they might not.  It would make sense that unless they have to burn the place down to win, they will keep at it to get your supplies and any women available.

Stage 6:  Win or lose, they’re going to hold an AAR (After Action Report) and a ‘Hot Wash’ where they talk about what went right, what went wrong, and how they need to adapt to complete an operation more efficiently.  You’ve been their classroom.

Welcome to the world of Neighborhood Protection in a WROL/SHTF scenario.

Next installment:  Your best weapon against these people.


Note: Analysis based upon scenarios presented in the book, “Doomsday Marauders,” by Kilkenny. For more information and DTG’s view of this book, go here.


Ranchers Reporting Uniformed and Armed Illegals Moving Through Brush…


When LEO’s report ranchers’ sightings, you can bet it’s probably occurring more than is reported.  Illegals in file formation moving through the bush armed with rifles?  Sounds like an international incident by way of a para-military incursion at the least.

Think it’s time to get your final preps in line?  Your training?  Do any PT today?  Dry fire?  Need training?  Get whatever courses are out there now.  Really.  Time grows short.

“Spence, who has been Sheriff of Willacy County in south Texas for 29 years, said the problem on the border is reaching a crisis point.  He said ranchers with land 25 miles north of the border have reported groups of men – believed to be illegal immigrants – walking single file, through farm land in military fatigues.  Some were armed with rifles.”
Read the rest, here.    And don’t say you weren’t told…