Top 5 wilderness survival skills you need for urban survival

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From Leon’s Blog.

Here are five wilderness survival skills that could help you survive this urban emergency.

Shelter: The first decision might be to get out of the elements. Do you know how to tie effective knots? Can you make a shelter out of the available materials?

It could be the best place to find shelter materials is in the nearby dumpster. Look for anything that can insulate you from the elements: plastic sheeting, newspapers, cardboard etc.

Check out the trash can – if it has a 55-gallon liner, you can make a quick shelter out of it.

Water: Any water you might find should be suspect, unless it is bottled or otherwise sealed from contamination.

Fire: You should know how to build a campfire using whatever flammable materials that might be available. Many of the people in the parking lot might need a place to get warm, and light as it gets dark will be really appreciated. Also, boiling water is usually the quickest way to purify it. Make sure to get any containers from the dumpster – you may need them later.

Obviously, if you smell gas or the situation seems dangerous, don’t play with fire!

Navigation: If you have to leave the area because staying would be dangerous, do you know where to go, and which way to take to get there? Can you read a city street map and use a compass? During a storm, or in the darkness, you may not be able to determine directions. Be able to orient a map and know how to read it.

First aid: Everybody should take a basic first aid class. You don’t have to reach EMT expertise, but a rudimentary knowledge is important. After any sort of disaster, somebody will be hurt, and you may be the only one available to help. This is not the time to look around frantically and wonder what to do.


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