6 comments on “The Purpose of Physically Difficult Training for YOUR NPT

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  2. Cut back the carbs and slowly build up the PT. You will shed excess weight and feel much better. Then, as you shed excess weight, add a backpack filled with bricks. As you lose another 5 lbs, add another 5 lb brick. Do this for a year or two, you will find your ability to go long distances and endure physical suffering will improve dramatically. Then, add rough terrain and hills / elevation to push yourself harder.

  3. agree with all you write, but an aside, vocal cords won’t be cut as they are basically in a horizontal plane in the upper airway. you stop screaming because once trachea severed, no air passes through and over the vocal cords and hence no vibration to cause sound. carotid artery on either side of neck just below the front of the ears, about 2 centimeters or 3/4 ” below surface of skin. once severed, unconsciousness results in approximately 10-15 seconds due to loss of blood pressure in the brain. however, if they start in the posterior portion of the neck, i.e. at the back, well you’re gonna be in a world of hurt for a while. best to be in shape and either run or fight to the death, both preferable to starring on the ‘amateur hour surgery show’. i believe this type of behavior will only increase the ferocity of the resistance to isis much like the malmedy massacre during ww2. after confirmation that the german ss troops had murdered allied pow’s, the allied troops for some time took no prisoners of the ss or paratroopers. official orders were to shoot on sight, take none alive. barbarous behavior
    never ends well for either party. nuff said.

  4. Great article , but I’m too old to pack all that . I did put a great deal of money into optics . My preference to be at 600 to 1,200 meters . It used to be a 1,000 meter shot was unheard of but with modern optics it happens all the time.

  5. Not saying you have to pack anything at all. We were talking strictly about knowing our own limitations, and then working to surpass or break through them working with what we have. Glad to know we’ve got like-minded folk out there with good glass and educated trigger fingers!

    As in regards to the age thing, science has proven that muscle growth can and will occur into one’s mid-90’s. That particular facet of science is my own personal motivator being just south of 60, and work to stay fit enough to hump my own 70 pound ruck 8 miles, with a goal of 10. Yep, it kicks my butt and I’ve had to work up to it….slowly….but I am consistent and keep moving toward the objective.

    Not saying everyone can or should….just saying what I’m choosing and working on.

    Nutrition, rest, hydration, exercise…..

    Thanks for stopping by!!

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