The Purpose of Physically Difficult Training for YOUR NPT


FACT: OPFOR will not have any mercy on you because you’re ‘just a regular guy’ or because you’ve put a lot of income into preps. They have a thing for ‘regular guys’ because typically, they don’t fight back, or they make it very, very easy for OPFOR to take them apart because of the, “I’ll die on my front porch” mindset.

Lately, one faction of OPFOR, ISIS, has a penchant for cutting heads off of journalists with a 6 inch dagger. You know….sawing through? With the pain of a knife that causes the victim to scream until his or her vocal chords are cut?  Sawing through the neck tendons, arteries, esophagus, and spinal cord, with the victim able to feel everything until losing consciousness, even after the vocal chords are cut.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking the other factions of OPFOR won’t do things similar or worse. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the things happening into the Middle East can’t happen here.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking we don’t have ‘home grown’ barbarians every bit or more savage in their intent and actions as the most fervent ISIS member.

push up

BEST OPTION:  Your best option is to get into the best shape you can get into, without excuse, and within your physical limitations, and take the hardest training you can get. From us, JC Dodge, MaxSierra 12, Sam, or Mosby.  Sure, you’re going to have to pay for it.  Putting on training costs money.  And the there’s always the bottom line fact:  You get what you pay for.  Go all ‘Wally World’ and try to get it free by reading it and then applying it, you are in definite ‘hit or miss’ territory.  Obviously, cost of training v. ROI (Return On Investment) is a consideration, but DTG and JC offer discounts if you’re a III Percent Society for America member.  You might consider joining to take advantage of the perk.

Once you schedule some essential training, make sure you’re doing everything you can to not be sidelined by physical issues, then embrace the physical discomfort willingly. Mind over matter. Make your body understand your mind doesn’t matter how much it bitches, and that you won’t quit. The instructors can throw you out, they can use your lifeless body for a floor mat, but you won’t quit. Mindset, it’s what gets you through the hard times. And hard times are coming. But you know this. You read Pete’s offerings; you read Sam’s. You read all of the legitimate sites, and probably some on the ‘fringe’.

Don’t make the mistake of taking the ‘marshmallow ride’ and expect to come out of it actually being able to bring fear and death to an enemy in a SHTF situation, when you and yours have been targeted by seriously evil people.  It’s not a realistic expectation.

There’s only one way to do it right, and that’s through as much intensity (read, ‘physical discomfort’) in your training that you can take (and only you can determine where your limitations are, and then how/when you can push through them), whatever level that may be, every single time you train, until you know what you need to know and can do what you need to do. And then, you need to maintain the level of ‘hard core’ you’ve achieved. It’s perishable. Believe me.

Honesty, both personal and interpersonal comes in here. Not everyone can do the physical things required of a roving NPT patrol; not everyone can shoot at the level one needs to attain practical accuracy, and not everyone has the resolve to do what a NPT might be required to do in the field when engaged by bad people.

During the training phase of the conflict, ie, ‘now’, you, dear reader, need to be brutally honest with yourself (a type of adversity in and of itself for some) and then with your NPT. If you can’t hack it, say so, and do something to support those who can. Be the supply guy/gal. Be the admin. Be the static location medic. Be the cook. Be the communications guru. Be the intel guy/gal (but learn how properly from someone like Guerilla America or Information Operations.  Be the ‘guy’ who’s doing what he can with what he’s got.

Shared adversity brings out the best/worst of people’s inherent traits during training, and have no doubt about ‘real world’ SHTF/WROL situations.

Adversity forges camaraderie among participants; it’s why you’ll see people give greater training discounts to 4 person teams registering for various seminars/training courses.  The team actually receives more intangible benefits than the lone participant.

Always keep in mind that for the NPT, UW fits the bill much better than ‘door kicking’ or ‘CQB’ (though important as well) and as such, requires more capabilities from the student to think independently and be part of a team at the same time, because you’re most likely going to be operating without support, without replacements, and without resupply (except for that which you receive after a successful engagement with OPFOR).

Anyone up for some strenous training 18 -21 September?  Go here for details.


See you in class.

6 thoughts on “The Purpose of Physically Difficult Training for YOUR NPT

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  2. Richard

    Cut back the carbs and slowly build up the PT. You will shed excess weight and feel much better. Then, as you shed excess weight, add a backpack filled with bricks. As you lose another 5 lbs, add another 5 lb brick. Do this for a year or two, you will find your ability to go long distances and endure physical suffering will improve dramatically. Then, add rough terrain and hills / elevation to push yourself harder.

  3. ralph

    agree with all you write, but an aside, vocal cords won’t be cut as they are basically in a horizontal plane in the upper airway. you stop screaming because once trachea severed, no air passes through and over the vocal cords and hence no vibration to cause sound. carotid artery on either side of neck just below the front of the ears, about 2 centimeters or 3/4 ” below surface of skin. once severed, unconsciousness results in approximately 10-15 seconds due to loss of blood pressure in the brain. however, if they start in the posterior portion of the neck, i.e. at the back, well you’re gonna be in a world of hurt for a while. best to be in shape and either run or fight to the death, both preferable to starring on the ‘amateur hour surgery show’. i believe this type of behavior will only increase the ferocity of the resistance to isis much like the malmedy massacre during ww2. after confirmation that the german ss troops had murdered allied pow’s, the allied troops for some time took no prisoners of the ss or paratroopers. official orders were to shoot on sight, take none alive. barbarous behavior
    never ends well for either party. nuff said.

  4. TimeHasCome

    Great article , but I’m too old to pack all that . I did put a great deal of money into optics . My preference to be at 600 to 1,200 meters . It used to be a 1,000 meter shot was unheard of but with modern optics it happens all the time.

  5. Defensive Training Group Post author

    Not saying you have to pack anything at all. We were talking strictly about knowing our own limitations, and then working to surpass or break through them working with what we have. Glad to know we’ve got like-minded folk out there with good glass and educated trigger fingers!

    As in regards to the age thing, science has proven that muscle growth can and will occur into one’s mid-90’s. That particular facet of science is my own personal motivator being just south of 60, and work to stay fit enough to hump my own 70 pound ruck 8 miles, with a goal of 10. Yep, it kicks my butt and I’ve had to work up to it….slowly….but I am consistent and keep moving toward the objective.

    Not saying everyone can or should….just saying what I’m choosing and working on.

    Nutrition, rest, hydration, exercise…..

    Thanks for stopping by!!

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