JPFO to be Merged with SAF?!?!?!?!?! Say it ain’t so!!!!

Don’t let this happen, folks.  It’s not for the better.  I’ve been a member of JPFO over other so-called ‘2nd Amendment organizations’ for a long time now.

JPFO takes action!  Join.  Renew.  Donate.  Don’t let SAF water down JPFO’s message or actions.  We will be weakened even more if the merger does occur.

And if it does, I’m taking my ball and going home.  I will not support Alan Gottlieb and the 2AF.  I’ll terminate my membership immediately.

Lives.  Fortunes.  Sacred Honor.

Sellout: JPFO to be handed off to SAF — unless we stop it

Friday, August 22nd, 2014 <!–at by –>

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to post this, but now that we’re out of alternatives I’ll be as succinct as I can and attempt (no doubt unsuccessfully) to keep my most heated personal judgments to a minimum.

Contact the JPFO board

Executive Board Director
Robert (Bob) Meier —

Senior Board Member
Bruce Bell —

Board Member and Managing Director
Doug Schuett —

UPDATE: And sign the new petition just created at the suggestion of one of JPFO’s sponsors.

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