13 comments on “Book Review: “Doomsday Marauders,” by Kilkenny

  1. Thanks for this review. This is eye-opening for sure. I guess you really can’t be surprised that such cuckolds would write a book like this outlining what he intends to do (from what i can tell he seems to be serious in that being a ‘marauder’ is his actual post SHTF plan). What a fuckstain of a human.

    thanks for your advice, and lessons learned. Not only do we have professional gangs like MS13 recruiting and roaming, we have groups of people like kilkenny who are doing the same. PT. SUP. Patrolling. building tribe and defenses.

    I also can’t really understand how he reconciles statements from his blog like “Just back from the Arizona Survivalist / Prepper Expo and Freedom Rally in Prescott, AZ. Let me tell you, the American spirit is alive and well! It’s heartening to see thousands of like-minded folks who care about preserving our Constitution, protecting our gun rights, removing the choking yoke of government from our necks and getting rid of Obama!” (from http://doomsdaymarauders.com/kilkennys-blog/ june 2, 2013). How he thinks that his aggression towards others is somehow in line with ‘Freedom’ is beyond me. ‘No moral compass’ seems accurate

  2. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, you misquote me, I’m afraid. I never wrote ‘become an animal and live, or go home and become my or others prey.’ That’s a lie, of course. You probably use lies like that to prop up your base, which I assume is out growing turnips in a prepper garden and watching “Doomsday Castle.” You are correct, however, in asserting my belief that you and your friends are “pusilanimous sissy boys who are easy to take” (your words). You also leave out the fact that I have great respect for the military, and support it frequently, not only in my book but in my blog as well.

    You also refer to me taking “lawfully owned property.” I would suggest that our current president is already doing that- however, in a post shtf fan world, it own’t be lawfully owned by anyone, as there won’t be any law except the law of the Strong. You may not like it, but that will be reality.

    You also can’t reconcile the fact that I am completely lawless, yet abhor rape. Are you that simple-minded? Human beings are complex creatures. We all have likes and dislikes, things that annoy us and things that make us laugh. We will still be humans after the fall. Maybe you like rape, but hate stealing from others. I don’t know. But I believe any human set of behaviors is possible. For the record, my team knows how I feel; rape is off the table or subject to a bullet in the head from me. I have my reasons.

    In reality, I can hit you from anywhere, at any time. I took it easy in the book so as to not make it so dark for all of the “Doomsday Preppers” out there. If I had zero principles at all, I would kill all of you from 500 meters as you’re out and about playing in your vegetable gardens. If you read the book, however, you’ve seen that’s not what I do. I come for your stuff. You can give it up or not. If you try to kill me, I will certainly kill you. If you let it go, I will let you go as well. Wanna come hunting me? Great! Leave your homes and your families undefended. You’re not only sheep, but goats! no brainpower- If you don’t like it, well, tough shit! There will be worse guys than me in that wonderful new world. Good luck with them!

    As for Texas Fred above, well, he hasn’t read my book, so he’s writing from a place of ignorance, of course. Read it Fred, THEN write. You sound like Nancy Pelosi who had to pass Obamacare first to find out what was in it! To answer your nagging question, I believe in America as our Founding Fathers set it up. Unfortunately, that republic does not exist anymore. I would not like to see the world as we know it come to an end, however, no matter how corrupted Obama and his ilk have made it. I know how absolutely horrible that would be. I wish that on no one.

    If it does come, however, I will be the one hacking the necks of the Ostrich heads buried in the sand.


  3. Mr. Kilkenny,

    At first glance, it is apparent that your comment indicates a somewhat ‘thin skin’, as our blog post is a review of a commercially available book, and as such, it is totally within reason to find either agreement or fault with the concepts and ideas therein.

    Now, as to your counter criticisms, you are using fallacies to denigrate an honest review. In the interest of brevity, I’ll ‘cherry pick’ a few of your concerns and compare them to statements you made in your book. I’ll start from the bottom and work up.

    Starting with your cricticism of ‘Texas Fred’ telling him to read the book first, which is it? I read the book and criticized it and that’s not ok with you. He may not have read the book, and that’s not ok, either. I find it interesting that you like to denigrate and demonize your critics rather than demonstrate their position as incorrect with fact and logic.

    I have no doubt that you can hit anywhere at anytime. Predators usually do. There’s the primary difference in world view. We are not looking to begin a program of predation on non-combatants who lawfully have property by demanding annual ‘tribute’ at the pain of death. Here at DTG we encourage people to train against the day that feral predators turn themselves loose because S has HTF. And that, in our view, is the value of your book, because you lay out a very good method that can be used as a base line to develop localized threat analysis and operational tempo. Your book easily makes the point that the moment apathy sets in, you become vulnerable. The moment a homestead thinks it’s safe inside its walls, it’s not.

    One of the many places we find disagreement is your statement that ‘it’s a business.’ You have no concern or empathy toward the other AMERICAN CITIZENS who have inalienable rights, but delude yourself by saying, ‘well, we left them something…’. Bully for you.

    Respect for the military? Really? Your own words indicate you have no respect whatsoever other than one of your worst nightmares is to have a ‘whackamole’ outside the wire hunting your gang. Proof? In your own story, you murder a former SF troop who has the audacity to tell you, ‘it’s not over’ when, for whatever reason, his group capitulates. Well, you did offer him a chance to join you before you shot him in the face. That’s respect alright. In your story, if memory serves, he has a wife (possibly a child). He’s also unarmed and unable to defend himself against the surprise attack you described. So, spare me the garbage about your ‘respect’ for the military when you glorify the murder of a military member who set up a defensive perimter to protect people and property that you had no lawful claim on. Your only claim was through robbery and murder at the point of ahniliation of the whole group.

    Now, next is your use of a fallacy by using the unlawful actions of the current president to justify your own lawlessness. Whether or not a sitting president or congress acts unlawfully does not justify nor excuse acts that violate the founding principles of the Nation. You do remember, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (happiness can be replaced with ‘property’ depending on which Founders you admire more)”? You do remember, “inalienable rights” that mean you can’t give them away even if you wish to do so?

    It is obvious you have no inclination toward the concept of Objective Truth and our duty to take actions in WROL/SHTF situations that may not profit us in the short term, but are correct and proper in the long term. Well, maybe you do have an inkling, in that the only thing you won’t take without permission is a woman’s virtue, but then again, if you were without long enough, based upon your dependence upon ‘the law of the Strong,’ you just might.

    Lastly, your opening really was humorous. I have no idea what my readers watch, if anything. If they stop here, hopefully they’re getting good informaiton they can use to get off the dime and get prepared for what is most certainly on the horizon. I know for a fact that I encourage people to turn off the tv, get out and get in shape, learn the hard tasks, and make the hard choices now, so, God forbid, when the time comes they face predators, they have a chance at protecting themselves, and people like you will face the same risks as the defenders in loss of life and property.

    I’d like to thank you for coming to DTG and checking us out, whether or not you agree with our review of your book. I find it is very useful as a reverse training plan to demonstrate to people what they’re up against. I also appreciate you’re being up front telling people exactly the kind of person you are and what you’re going to do to them (even people who’ve bought your book and helped support your family by doing so) as soon as SHTF. That says quite a bit about you.

    Have a very DTG day.

  4. No thin skin here, mr. DTG, just calling out the liars and mis-quoters wherever I find them. Correcting them whenever possible. Feel free to send around your copy of my book to all of your followers so they can read it for themselves, instead of being fed your ‘fake quotes’ and misinterpretations-

  5. Mr. Kilkenny,

    Rather than do this demonization thing, I invited you to prove (that means ‘demonstrate beyond doubt’) where I have ‘lied’ or ‘misquoted’ your book. You didn’t do that. So, here’s just a couple examples that were in the forefront of my thinking when I wrote the review, Tuco:

    Doomsday quote: “…the only system of food production, processing and delivery to our homes that we’ve ever known has now been permanently disrupted. Guess what— It’s time to invent a new system. Take it from someone else. That’s right. You read that correctly. Take it from someone else.”

    Kilkenny (2014-05-09). Doomsday Marauders (Kindle Locations 303-306). AuthorHouse. Kindle Edition.

    DTG Review: “The premise of the book itself, “To hell with prepping, become a marauder and simply TAKE what you need from others!”

    Lie? Hardly. Misquote? No, because our statement IS the premise of your book.


    Doomsday quote: “But I don’t want to hurt people.”

    Kilkenny (2014-05-09). Doomsday Marauders (Kindle Location 390). AuthorHouse. Kindle Edition.

    Doomsday quote: ““You tired of living in that cage over there? Why don’t you come ride with us? Get out and about the countryside, have some fun like we just had here, get to really do your thing, instead of playing nursemaid and security guard to a bunch of pilgrims.” “My wife’s in there.” “Well hell, bring her along too! And any other young women who are looking for some real life adventure!”

    “Asshole, maybe. Murderer, possibly.” [Here comes the quote that gets rid of ‘possibly’, which anyone with a logical mind will be able to discern immediatley, and most likely remove the ‘maybe’ from the ‘asshole’ description as well. DTG] (Kindle Location 2782 of 3103)

    Kilkenny (2014-05-09). Doomsday Marauders (Kindle Locations 2787-2788). AuthorHouse. Kindle Edition.

    Toughest one so far, but I knew we’d win. I’m starting to feel that little high from the victory now! We’re gonna put on the dog tonight, pull out the Jack Daniels and… “You realize this ain’t over.” Whoa, wait now- It’s Trey, of course. He’s got balls, but small brains. I turn in a split second and as I do the CZ-75 COMES UP I SNAP THE TRIGGER BOOOM!! THE BACK OF TREY’s HEAD EXPLODES SHITTING BRAINS AND BLOOD ALL OVER SHOTGUN who recoils in horror, screaming, now on his knees, wailing. I sprint over in a heartbeat pull Shotgun up and bitch-slap him across the face “THE ONLY FUCKING REASON YOU ARE ALIVE IS TO DELIVER THIS MESSAGE: IT’S OVER! TREY WOULDN’T LET IT GO HE’s FUCKING DEAD ANYONE ELSE COMES LOOKING WE BURN THIS FUCKING PLACE TO THE GROUND CAPECE?!!!

    Kilkenny (2014-05-09). Doomsday Marauders (Kindle Locations 2806-2814). AuthorHouse. Kindle Edition.

    And your ability to call DTG out as a liar and misquoting entity who reviewed your call to go feral has disintegrated, much like your character and premise.

    This is the last exchange I will allow on this subject. Have a very DTG day.

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  10. Mr Kilkenny, I can’t help but notice you haven’t responded to the reviewers other questions. I have one for you myself. You say you “abhor rape”, but also believe in the “law of the strong”, also known as might makes right. Therefore, if someone is strong enough to rape you (or someone else), it is lawful by your own definition.

    You seem to be pretty proud of your American heritage, so here’s a quiz. What is stated in the preamble of the Declaration of Independance?

    Rather than wait for an answer, I’ll skip to the relevant part, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    We must first accept that “all men” refers to “all people” or mankind at large in a patriarchal society. Notice that it doesn’t specify American citizens, or any other subdivision of people.

    Quite simply, what you are suggesting in your book is for people to violate other’s rights.

    The excuse of “if I wasn’t doing it someone else would just do it instead” is very common among criminals, so unless you are a criminal or criminally minded please take that somewhere else. While I don’t expect to hear from you on this, i needed to share my feelings, and express my disgust with your work.

  11. Well I disagree with both sides on the following basis:
    Firstly I don’t think doomsday will come. Human beings have confronted many crises in their history without descending into lawlessness and anarchy. Granted the current leadership of the western nations is pretty abysmal, but cometh the hour…
    And secondly, humans are, by their nature, a social and co-operative species. You only have to look at how they behave and help each other in any major disaster.
    I think both sides have a very negative view of humanity.

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