4 comments on “Combatives – Management of Unknown Contacts

  1. I have never been in a situation beyond stopping someone from advancing closer. I am female, now becoming elderly and do not and have never had a gun. At times when a guy approaching me was a problem, I automatically put my hand up for “stop” and say “Stop, don’t come closer to me.” Only once has the guy not listened, coming closer, “Well, let me show you what I have in this little box.” Well, I was screaming and threatening by then.

    Another situation that scares me is to have someone standing up on my small porch within 6 inches of my door. I look out the unbreakable window and ask the person to move down the steps to the ground. Then, I can unlock the door, relock it and stand in the house ready to retreat and shut the door. Once again, one guy started up the steps and I yelled at him as coarsely as I could.

    Every man who is not a threat should be taught not to crowd a woman, crowd the door, and stay away so a woman feels safe. I don’t have a gun, but some woman with a gun might just accidentally shoot a guy mounting the steps if she feels threatened.

    Even in a public space, I feel unsafe if a man approaches me directly, wanting to talk without respect to a six foot area around me. I want more than personal space in some instances. Of course, if we are both entering a gas station, I don’t go ballistic and demand he back off.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s been said before but I’ll say it again. During normal rule of law, acting with proper management of unknown contacts says to bad guys in criminal-ese : “I’m not the victim you are looking for! Go try some other unsuspecting fool.” When you speak their language, it greatly improves the chances that they will listen. Sometimes not though.

    This is especially true because criminals do not always use the best logic or reasoning (hence, they are criminals). For that reason it IS important to be trained in lethal protection skills (concealed carry). As well it’s important to have a good base in hand to hand combatives (both men and women). For that reason both the myself and the primary instructor at DTG have developed the Finish It Now combatives program that is simple to learn and brutally effective, not just for buff guys, but for someone my wife’s size too.

    DTG will have a “survival combatives” handbook coming soon . . .

    Thanks for stopping by.

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